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Will TikTok Shop shine or stumble this 2024?

With so many things going on in the ecommerce arena, it might be hard to keep up. But that’s why we’re here—to keep an eye out for scoops like:

Competition, controversies, new launches—name it, we know it.


Four months after its U.S. debut, TikTok Shop’s “eligible for commission” tag is now scattered across the platform—from clothing, accessories, and even food. Seems like the video app-turned-ecommerce app has some pretty big ambitions to scale, as suggested by Vogue Business.

The million-dollar question now is: Can TikTok achieve those ambitions this year? 🌟 

What’s new with TikTok Shop?

  • Commission fees increased from 2% to 8% percent but are still lower than other platforms. With the higher fees, sellers will likely focus on offering quality products.
  • It continues to onboard more brands and handles its fulfillment and logistics, which sellers and buyers may find convenient.
  • It’s targeting Gen Zs. As Shop’s prime customers, this generation is easily influenced by app promotions and trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Plus, they’re an important demographic for beauty and fashion brands.

🛍️ To sell or not to sell on TikTok? 

While TikTok Shop is making strides, it's not without challenges. Because anyone with a verified account can list items with just a 2% commission fee, lots of cheap but fake items were being sold on the platform.

Hence, some brands remain cautious in choosing whether they should sell on TikTok or not because:

  • Their products should match the latest trends to ensure good sales;
  • It’s hard to predict what will go “viral,” making a fixed strategy is challenging;
  • The platform still needs to improve the shopping experience; and
  • Cheap products are notorious on the platform.

🔮Whether TikTok Shop will thrive in the coming year depends on its ability to address these concerns and maintain its appeal. So, if you plan to sell on TikTok, check first if the platform’s features align with your goals and target audience.


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FedEx rivals Amazon FBA with a new merchant platform

Last January 14, FedEx unveiled its new “data-driven commerce platform” called FDX. According to The Tech Portal, this move is set to challenge ecommerce giants like Amazon in terms of demand generation, fulfillment, tracking, and post-purchase processes like returns.

👀 A sneak peek

Currently in private preview mode, FDX is expected to hit the ecommerce space in the fall of 2024. Here's the scoop on what's about to happen:

  • The platform aims to integrate FedEx's existing goldmine of ecommerce resources—ShopRunner.
  • While FedEx cleared that it will not dive directly into the ecommerce waters, FDX will be a powerhouse suite of services. This means merchants can:
    • Provide customers with accurate and detailed shipment tracking.
    • Leverage insights from FedEx's massive shipment network data to achieve efficient order management.

🥊 Face off against Amazon

Amazon, with its FBA service, has been a force to be reckoned with. Now, FedEx is stepping up its game to offer a compelling alternative. The rivalry goes way back years ago:

  • In 2019, FedEx opted not to renew its contract for flying Amazon cargo.
  • In return, Amazon restricted FedEx for Prime deliveries during that year's holiday season. Luckily for FedEx, the ban was lifted the following year. 

But you know, tensions between companies often drive them to improve and enhance their services. So regardless of who comes out on top, the true winners are sellers like you who can leverage this competition to their advantage. 👌


Why are there product listings with AI error messages on Amazon?

Occasional typos and grammatical errors sometimes make an appearance in product listings. Other marketers even add misspellings to create engaging copy.

But recently, there was a sudden boom of search results with “garbage” content on Amazon. In a report by Ars Technica, listings were full of AI error messages from titles to product descriptions!

🤔 Shady or lazy?

Apparently, sellers of the involved items used chatbots to generate content for the product details page. Different software were used, but OpenAI stood out with its “I'm sorry but I cannot fulfill this request it goes against OpenAI use policy.” caption.

Some listings even highlighted the specific reasons why the prompt failed, such as:

  • "requires using trademarked brand names"
  • "promotes a specific religious institution"
  • "encourage unethical behavior" 

🚩 Or shady AND lazy?

The lazy use and dependence on AI generation tools are telltale signs of scammers trying to sell cheaper knock-offs. The lack of basic editing and the sudden influx can also be a spamming tactic of bad actors.

Fortunately, Amazon assured everyone it’s already working on the issue by “requiring third-party sellers to provide accurate, informative product listings.” The listings in question were also removed from the system.

But if you want to see them yourself, here’s a sample of an archived listing.

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