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ICYMI: Highlights from Amazon's 2022 Small Business Empowerment Report
  • By SellerBites
  • June 2, 2023

For two decades, Amazon has been an avenue for independent and small business owners to sell goods and earn a living. In its 2022 Small Business Empowerment Report, the company narrated how it continuously empowers small businesses to drive their[...]

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Amazon agencies: What are they and why your business needs one
No two businesses are alike. But proving your unique strength in a competition where you sell the same products as hundreds of sellers is hard. You need to come up with creative marketing strategies that’ll set you apart. Enter Amazon[...]
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ICYDK: Shein's marketplace is now in the US
If you're in the fashion line of the selling business, you have probably heard of Shein. But did you know it now has a marketplace in the U.S.? In the report of Marketplace Pulse, the fashion retailer also calls for local and[...]
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Take better control of your ad monitoring with Amazon’s new Products Page View feature
As Prime Day 2023 approaches, we're guessing efficiently managing your ads is moving quickly to the top of your to-do list. To do this, you must thoroughly monitor your campaigns' performance—a hard and tiring task when you can't see[...]
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It’s time to warm up your Amazon business for Prime Day 2023
Amazon Prime Day doesn't really need a lengthy introduction. So let’s just focus on three important numbers related to this event: 200 million Prime members enjoy Prime Day deals and perks.  Roughly $12 billion worth of products were[...]
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Strengthen your brand with the power of brand champions
A/B testing (or split testing) is a tried and tested method for identifying which content can convert. To help you with this, Amazon rolled out a new feature called Manage Your Experiments (MYE). EcomCrew gave a breakdown of what MYE can[...]
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Here’s the reason behind Amazon’s gradual shift toward the marketplace
In 2016, Amazon saw marketplace sales overtake its first-party (1P) revenue. Since then, the company has gradually shifted its business model toward third-party (3P) sellers. According to Marketplace Pulse, sellers are expected to make up[...]
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Accelerate your business growth with Amazon Advertising
Statistics reveal that nearly half of Amazon sellers earn between $12,000 and $30,000 per year. But there are others who take home as much as $45,000 per year. Their secret weapon: Amazon advertising. In this issue, we’ll help you[...]
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Amazon gears up for a massive cleanup of fake reviews
Product reviews greatly influence customers' purchasing decisions. But with the increasing number of fake reviews on e-commerce platforms, buyers are starting to doubt their credibility. According to a report from SoStocked, Amazon[...]
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After sales data, Amazon now displays products’ monthly views on search results
It's no secret that Amazon is relentless in its pursuit of enhancing seller and user experience. In fact, the company just came up with a new idea—display the number of product visitors as "monthly views." Although this feature is not[...]
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Amazon vs. AliExpress: Which is the better marketplace this 2023?
Wouldn't you agree that competition is a necessary "evil" in e-commerce? For starters, business rivalries will give you and your buyers improved products and services. In the e-commerce industry, two names come to mind when we talk about[...]
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How seller partner agencies can help your Amazon business thrive
Brand reputation - a combination of several metrics (NPS, SOC, social media reception, etc.) that boils down to your level of trustworthiness and popularity.  Purchase intent - refers to a customer’s readiness to buy from you at any[...]
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Temu is Amazon’s newest opponent
In September 2022, a new player—Temu—entered the e-commerce arena. Five months later, it became the most downloaded app among millions of U.S. consumers. So what is Temu? And how did it start this big fuss? eComEngine answered these[...]

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