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How to boost brand awareness through Amazon On-Box Advertising
  • By SellerBites
  • March 1, 2024

For today’s sizzling news platter, we mixed and matched all factors that play in deciding whether you’ll lose or win the selling game. PS. Happy International Women’s Month! ♀️ BIG IDEA With all the ads everywhere, it’s not uncommon for[...]

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Amazon vs. eBay
Ecommerce is king. But which platform exactly takes the crown? We’re taking a leap (get it?) today by deviating from our usual Thursday spotlight issues. Today, we’ll put Amazon’s competitors to the test to see how it compare with[...]
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How an impostor listing ‘stole’ the Buy Box
Technology is a good friend but a difficult enemy, as proven by our list of exposé for today: BLACK MARKET Being noticed on Amazon takes time and effort. So can you imagine losing the visibility you already have? This happened to Sprinkle[...]
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Was Valentine's Day 2024 a blockbuster or lackluster?
With three days left in February, it’s time to start looking back at the ecommerce highlights of the month.  Shall we start? ECOMMERCE NEWS Two weeks after Valentine's Day, Retail Times reported an interesting story about the retail[...]
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Amazon FBA lost $6,000 worth of inventory—should you worry about yours?
Weekends are for relaxing after a week of hustling and bustling. But if you’re using this time to think about what business risks you’ll face on Amazon, take a look at our week-ender menu of the platform’s recent issues: BLACK MARKET[...]
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3 notorious Amazon scams to watch out for this year
With big success on Amazon comes an even bigger risk of being targeted by bad actors. To lower and eventually eliminate this risk, we’ll talk about the common scams that have infiltrated Amazon and the tactics you can use to combat them:[...]
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Return scam gone wrong—what should you do if this happens to you?
Selling on Amazon isn’t without its stressful moments. That’s why we strive to bring you tales of challenging seller experiences and how they overcame them—with some selling tips on the side. BLACK MARKET Any seller can fall victim[...]
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ICYDK: How the fake review scam works
Another week, another full plate of hot Amazon news. Today, we’ll be sharing some must-knows to help protect and manage your FBA business: POST OF THE WEEK BLACK MARKET Believe it or not, 43% of the reviews for best-selling products on[...]
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An “unusual review activity” caused a review ban on a seller’s listing
You call it Friday—we call it Fried-ay. Because we’re about to serve some bite-sized news that’s even crispier than your crunchy snacks: TACTIC TALKS Statistics say that 95% of buyers read online reviews before purchasing.[...]
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Why you need cash flow management to grow your business
Money is king. But not everyone likes dealing with numbers. We’re going to help you with that—minus the overwhelming jargon part. 😉 BIG IDEA Cash flow management isn’t just a fancy term tossed around in finance meetings. It’s[...]
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4 customers’ expectations this 2024 (and how you can keep up with them)
Numbers make businesses alive—from the number of people willing to buy to closing and sustaining sales, and to finally filing taxes. Not exactly a numbers person? We kept them simple for you this time around: ECOMMERCE NEWS In today’s[...]
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Amazon made $700 billion in sales in Q4 of 2023—how much of that was yours?
So it’s Valentine’s week. There’s gonna be a number of different feelings in the air, but let’s talk first about some numbers and feelings that can make your seller's heart beat fast: POST OF THE WEEK AMAZON NEWS In its official Q4[...]
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ICYDK: Q-commerce and recommerce are the answers to retail customers’ wishes this year
In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we’re ending the week with a bang! Here are some marketing insights and updates that are about to blow your mind: And before we forget—Kung Hei Fat Choi! TRENDING TOPIC With the promise of more[...]

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