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Is Amazon hacking its search rankings?
  • By SellerBites
  • April 19, 2024

Have you listened to Taylor Swift’s latest drop of her new album called “The Tortured Poets Department”? Go have a listen to it if you haven’t yet! For us, though, we’ll be dropping you the latest Amazon and ecommerce news. 👀 HOT[...]

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Amazon introduces an AI-powered feature for easy product page creation
Christmas is still nine months away, but we’re already bringing you good tidings—in the form of new Amazon features and insightful selling tips: We sincerely hope these scoops bring you a good week ahead! POST OF THE WEEK BIG IDEA Get[...]
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What type of Amazon marketing agency do you need?
Here’s a food for thought: is tech-rich ecommerce marketing better than the traditional approach? It’s definitely more complicated, but does it deliver superior results? While you’re pondering on that, take a quick look at[...]
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Product sourcing 101—how do you effectively source your products?
Selling on Amazon or any other online marketplace is equally exciting and intimidating. But as one movie said—”when it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump.” First things first, though: know the basics of product idea[...]
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A ‘new’ scam scheme combines return fraud and switcheroo
Ecommerce trends and tools can go as quickly as they come. But your knowledge of the latest happenings won’t—so is our dedication to delivering them to you hot and fresh, just like today’s headlines. BLACK MARKET The switcheroo scam[...]
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ICYDK: New eligibility criteria for Amazon discount promotions
Did you know retail ecommerce hit $5.8 trillion in 2023? That’s the result of the combined efforts of sellers, retailers, suppliers, and—most importantly—consumers. But of course, there’s always room for more, which can be opened[...]
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Optimize your listings with Amazon’s AI shopping assistant “Rufus”
Another week has ended—but not our search for save-the-best-for-last ecommerce scoops. Here goes our final news lineup for this week: TECH MARKETING A month after its beta debut, Amazon’s Rufus is reportedly having a pretty “ruf”[...]
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Customer experience vs. customer service—which should you prioritize?
It’s a relief the public didn’t cancel Meta despite its outage last Tuesday. But of course, it’s a staple in the social media industry—kind of hard to ‘cancel,’ right?  We can’t say the same for ecommerce brands though,[...]
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With 20% lower delivery costs, is Walmart closing the fulfillment gap of Amazon?
Today’s issue is a reminder that Amazon may be the current ecommerce king, but it’s not the only name roaring in the ecommerce arena. So, who else is upping their game to win the crown? ECOMMERCE NEWS Walmart is making waves in the[...]
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FTC finds Amazon jacking up prices on sellers
It’s officially the start of the spring season. And just as flowers start to bloom, our collection of fresh ecommerce news and updates continues to boom. 🍃 POST OF THE WEEK BIG IDEA Five months after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)[...]
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How to boost brand awareness through Amazon On-Box Advertising
For today’s sizzling news platter, we mixed and matched all factors that play in deciding whether you’ll lose or win the selling game. PS. Happy International Women’s Month! ♀️ BIG IDEA With all the ads everywhere, it’s not[...]
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Amazon vs. eBay
Ecommerce is king. But which platform exactly takes the crown? We’re taking a leap (get it?) today by deviating from our usual Thursday spotlight issues. Today, we’ll put Amazon’s competitors to the test to see how it compare with[...]
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How an impostor listing ‘stole’ the Buy Box
Technology is a good friend but a difficult enemy, as proven by our list of exposé for today: BLACK MARKET Being noticed on Amazon takes time and effort. So can you imagine losing the visibility you already have? This happened to Sprinkle[...]

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