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Holiday spending will surge by 6.7%
  • By SellerBites
  • September 26, 2023

In some interesting research findings, Marketing Brew spilled that customers prefer to see ads on Amazon. However, this contradicts what marketers favor, which is currently YouTube. Here’s why they don't see eye to eye in terms of where ads show[...]

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Secure your profits with these new product research guidelines
ECOMMERCE NEWS If you're reading this, you're probably dreaming of launching a successful Amazon business this year. Well, good news—the explosive growth of the e-commerce industry makes that possible! But try to calm down, because you[...]
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Win more customers with Amazon’s new Buy Now, Pay Later feature
You heard it right! For the first time, Amazon will be offering a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment option in the U.S.! 🎉 Earlier this month, TechCrunch revealed Amazon's partnership with Affirm, a California-based fintech company[...]
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ICYDK: Amazon now uses AI to summarize product reviews
The flexibility of AI just has converted many marketing professionals from critics to fans. And it’s improving its genius by the day. In fact, it has now jumped from content optimization to review summarization. What’s this about?[...]
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If you’re joining Amazon Prime Day, should you join Black Friday and Cyber Monday too?
Sales events are almost everywhere you look–and customers definitely love ‘em! From Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the upcoming Prime Day, the golden question still remains: should you participate in them? Let us know your thoughts[...]
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Walmart revamps logistics network to challenge Amazon
Last March, we did a face-off between Walmart and Amazon regarding their subscribers. Despite coming close, Walmart lost Round 1 to Amazon's higher market share. But the fight isn't over. So for Round 2, let's talk about how Walmart's[...]
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Amazon and Cisco collaborated to put a counterfeiter in jail
🏳️ Just ahead of World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, Amazon reported that Onur Aksoy, a seller of counterfeit Cisco products, has pleaded guilty to associated crimes in multiple retail stores. This development follows an investigation by[...]
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Is Amazon still the king of e-commerce?
Selling on the right platform is your ticket to having a successful e-commerce business. But how do you know which one to choose? Many would say that selling on Amazon is the safest choice. But “safest” isn’t the same as “best.”[...]
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ICYDK: Top 5 AI-generated content types you can use for marketing
From streamlining workflows to generating content, everyone's turning to AI for help. In fact, AI has many uses—so many that you may be unsure how to add it to your strategies. But here's a tip: start by leveraging its marketing[...]
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Amazon hires AI to do quality checks, and it’s doing great
As more businesses find ways to leverage technology, AI is becoming an indispensable part of their critical operations. For instance, what’s being done manually before is now automated through this tech wonder. The Wall Street Journal[...]
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Dominate the Amazon competition through Amazon optimization
Maximum visibility, high traffic, and top-ranking products—these are goals of Amazon sellers worldwide. But with the fierce marketplace competition, they may seem more like unreachable dreams. But dreams do come true, especially with[...]
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Shein and Temu outshine Amazon in app downloads
Chinese shopping apps are continuing their relentless march toward becoming a global force. According to an article by Marketplace Pulse, Shein and Temu emerged as the most downloaded apps in 25 of the world’s 50 largest countries. 🌍[...]
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ICYMI: Highlights from Amazon's 2022 Small Business Empowerment Report
For two decades, Amazon has been an avenue for independent and small business owners to sell goods and earn a living. In its 2022 Small Business Empowerment Report, the company narrated how it continuously empowers small businesses to[...]

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