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Holiday spending will surge by 6.7%
  • By SellerBites
  • September 26, 2023

In some interesting research findings, Marketing Brew spilled that customers prefer to see ads on Amazon. However, this contradicts what marketers favor, which is currently YouTube. Here’s why they don't see eye to eye in terms of where ads show[...]

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Twitter vs Threads: How they compare based on brand interactions
BIG IDEA Selling also entails investing in your brand’s social media presence. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now, the newly launched Threads.  Too much going on? Let's zoom in on two close and trending[...]
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Prime Day 2023 shatters records, but did brands share the success?
BIG IDEA Amazon Prime Day 2023 was a top-grosser. With 375 million items shipped, AdExchanger hailed it as the biggest Amazon 2-day shopping event. Evah. But as the dust settles, one big question remains: Did the success of Prime Day[...]
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TikTok attracts sellers with its free marketplace pitch
BIG IDEA 💰 TikTok's betting big in the ecommerce space, challenging Chinese-owned rivals like Temu and Shein with a cost-free marketplace strategy. In other words, it has promised Chinese manufacturers and exporters free listings,[...]
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How Prime Day 2023 go so far...
Days after the biggest Amazon Prime Day yet, you may be wondering how it went. Your sales may have soared, but was the event a success overall? Well, we’re gonna answer that today. Get ready for some interesting Prime Day facts and[...]
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Brands are on Instagram Threads–should you follow suit?
BIG IDEA Guess what? Instagram's got a new messaging app called Threads, causing quite a buzz in the beauty industry, as reported by Glossy.   It doesn't even take much to have it—you can simply activate it through your[...]
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ICYDK: Here’s how you can earn an Amazon’s Choice badge
Of all the Amazon badges you can get, nothing screams pride and popularity louder than the Amazon's Choice badge. Not only does it increase your products' visibility, but it also testifies to your credibility as a seller. So, how do you[...]
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Increase your brand’s visibility through Amazon DSP
Looking to boost your brand visibility? Look no further than Amazon DSP—a powerful advertising solution that helps you to target and engage customers on and off Amazon. For tonight's issue, we bring you some juicy information on how you[...]
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Amazon replaces the Small and Light program with lower FBA fees
If you're using the U.S. FBA Small and Light program, we have some not-so-happy news for you. Amazon announced that it will be discontinued starting August 29. But don't worry because there's actually a happy ending to this: the FBA rates[...]
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Is Amazon selling products or fast shipping times?
BIG IDEA Without a doubt, Amazon is a leading force in e-commerce. But what exactly is it about Amazon that makes customers keep coming back for more? Some may think it’s the wide selection of product offerings. It makes sense, as the[...]
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Prepare for Prime Day with these proven inventory control techniques  
BIG IDEA Amazon selling is more than just listing and sending products to customers. A lot of things that are equally crucial, if not more, happen behind the scenes. For instance, there's inventory management (IM), which is the process of[...]
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TikTok challenges Amazon with a new in-app shopping section
TikTok is departing from its current strategy of letting brands sell on the platform with a brand-new e-commerce initiative. Its new in-app shopping section, Trendy Beat, is now on the roll in the UK. According to TechCrunch, this section[...]
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Aside from Prime Day, should you participate in Target Circle Week?
If you haven't heard yet (which we doubt), Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2023 will happen on July 11 and 12. Buyers worldwide are gearing up for the massive two-day shopping spree—so should you! ⏲️ 🛍️ Is your store Prime[...]

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