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Fake ecommerce network stole $50 million from online shoppers
  • By SellerBites
  • May 17, 2024

Did you know you should have at least 4 or 5 premium content in each ad? Many advertisers now understand this principle, in turn creating panic in the industry due to concerns that their content may not engage viewers. Ecommerce is a jungle. You[...]

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What’s in store for Prime Day 2024?
In case you’re wondering what’s the latest about Amazon’s antitrust case, the FTC is now accusing company execs of destroying evidence. That’s a new level of messed up (and illegal) if proven true. Good thing we at SellerBites[...]
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Fraudsters finally arrested 5 years after defrauding Amazon
Do you know any recent juicy news? Or have you heard of anything interesting about the ecommerce industry? Because we do—and we’re starting this week right by sharing them with you! POST OF THE WEEK BLACK MARKET Want to hear something[...]
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AI-generated influencers might replace human influencers on TikTok
There is growing tension between the U.S. and China, which experts say could start a huge ecommerce feud. And believe it or not, even Amazon is struggling to be the top player in the industry. Just as the retail giant is ready to fight[...]
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What is a brand strategy and how do you create a strong one?
Are you familiar with the top 20 companies with the most iconic branding?  Don’t worry if you’re not, because today isn’t about them—it’s about how you can become one of them! From crafting your brand strategy to launching[...]
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SellerBites’ 24 in 2024: Part 3
For the third part of our 24 in 2024, you’ll meet some of the most innovative AND supportive Amazon experts. Aside from selling hacks and solutions, you’ll surely pick up some valuable insights from their colorful Amazon[...]
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How the "Made in China" label shapes US consumers’ shopping habits
Yesterday’s Earth Day may not be an official or major holiday, but it’s a celebration that spans the globe. That’s why ‘green brands’ benefit a lot from being recommended by sustainability advocates. But don’t worry if you’re[...]
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Amazon is going undercover to spy on their rivals
Today, we’re giving you a summarized version of the latest updates to Amazon’s fees—from FBA to referral fees. Peep in at the end of the issue to know more about it. Speaking of referrals, did you know that you’ll get a reward for[...]
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Is Amazon hacking its search rankings?
Have you listened to Taylor Swift’s latest drop of her new album called “The Tortured Poets Department”? Go have a listen to it if you haven’t yet! For us, though, we’ll be dropping you the latest Amazon and ecommerce[...]
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How do you build a strong brand in 2024?
Do you think your business has an established branding? If you think that it has, is it strong enough to stand out? Out of the 9.7 million sellers on Amazon, 2 million are actively selling on the platform. That’s a lot of competitors to[...]
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Are you paying for fake traffic?
It seems like AI is fully taking over every social media platform. From Facebook to Amazon, it’s now making its way to music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. It goes to show how powerful AI is. We’ve yet to know how[...]
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Junk returns cost the retail industry $101 billion
You’ve probably heard how personalization is now a main driver of ecommerce purchases. But recently, there have been talks about the trend shifting toward individualization. Apparently, consumers are craving human interaction, just like[...]
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TikTok Shop now dominates social shopping
Have you heard the news? Temu is aiming for a faster-than-Amazon delivery! Its strategy of shipping from U.S. warehouses can reportedly turn this ambition into reality. Speaking of speedy delivery, our ambition is to get you up to speed on[...]

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