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Holiday spending will surge by 6.7%
  • By SellerBites
  • September 26, 2023

In some interesting research findings, Marketing Brew spilled that customers prefer to see ads on Amazon. However, this contradicts what marketers favor, which is currently YouTube. Here’s why they don't see eye to eye in terms of where ads show[...]

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Amazon tops TMA's annual Cultural Resonance Score rankings
ECOMMERCE NEWS Award-winning creative marketing agency The Marketing Arm (TMA) released its first annual Cultural Resonance Score (CRS) rankings. It's a score that measures a brand's cultural resonance and identifies actions to improve[...]
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Amazon now hides bullet points in product listings
BIG IDEA Bullet points are crucial in showcasing your product's features and benefits. They provide a quick way for customers to get important information at a glance. But one seller took to Seller Central their concern about bullet points[...]
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ICYDK: AI chatbots worth using that are not ChatGPT
Yep, we’re not gonna talk about the famous conversational AI today. While we all know that ChatGPT takes the crown for popularity, there are other equally capable AI tools worth knowing and trying. 🤖 HubSpot gives us their selection[...]
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Win the holiday sales by preparing early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are two of the most anticipated deals events in the U.S. Last year, they brought in more than $20 billion in sales, giving sellers an early Christmas gift. With this success, this year’s BFCM could[...]
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India’s retail economy grows despite slow user adoption
ECOMMERCE NEWS India's ecommerce sector is on the rise—and it's taking the nation's economy with it to the top. Thanks to its booming retail industry, citizens enjoy rapid urbanization, a digital economy, and higher average per capita[...]
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What can the new Amazon Emerald program do for sellers?
BIG IDEA Amazon unveiled a new addition to its seller support arsenal—the Amazon Emerald program. The retailer shared the news at the Amazon Selling Partner DevSummit 2023 last July, saying the program aims to directly connect sellers to[...]
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Will AI penetrate different work industries?
Ever wondered if the use of generative AI will continue to rise? Insider Intelligence says… YES! But how high depends on the age. According to their latest forecast, more than half of U.S. Gen Zers (52.9%) and millennials (52%) will be[...]
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ICYDK: Top ecommerce fulfillment trends you should try
The digital era has completely redesigned how people shop. As more and more consumers buy things online instead of going to stores, the logistics industry is forced to develop new strategies and adapt to new trends. 🚚 Reflecting on[...]
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Amazon trims down in-house brands to cut costs
BIG IDEA A change of scenery—it's what ex-eBay exec Marni Levine found now that she has a new home at TikTok. As per EcommerceBytes, she and Amazon veteran Nicolas Le Bourgeois will replace the platform's top U.S. executive Sandie[...]
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ICYMI: Amazon implements new attribute rule for 200 product types
BIG IDEA On August 16, Amazon enforced a new rule that requires adding 274 product attributes for 200 product types. Sounds like a handful, but Amazon guarantees it can increase your sales by speeding up shoppers' buying decisions. This[...]
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Amazon reinforces its quality control process with AI-powered detection technology
Here’s a follow-up on our report about how Amazon uses AI to detect damaged goods: researchers from Amazon Fulfillment Technologies in Berlin, Germany have been developing AI capabilities to flag defective products before[...]
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Maximize your product visibility and sales with Amazon Ads
Amazon is holding a Prime Day 2.0 in the fall, and the deadline for registering the ASINs of participating deals is on August 11. So by now, the millions of sellers could already be cooking ways to stand out and bag huge earnings.  But[...]

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