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Why you should target having an Amazon’s Choice badge this year

ICYMI, Amazon just invested $4 billion in Anthropic, OpenAI's up-and-coming rival. While this signals the start of the AI-powered content generation battle, this also means easier content-making for sellers like you.

Speaking of content, today’s agenda is about one of the key contents you’d be publishing as Amazon sellers—product listings:

  • Amazon’s Choice badge 🎖️
  • Launch your business on Walmart Marketplace
  • Common product listings errors (and solutions) ✍️
  • Variation listings 📑


As Amazon evolves into a more lucrative selling platform, the competition becomes denser than ever. With over 9.7 million sellers vying for the same spotlight, there’s one thing you must covet to grab attention—the Amazon's Choice badge. 🏅

Unlike the Best Seller badge, which is determined solely by sales volume, Amazon’s Choice badge depends on metrics like sales data and customer feedback. And every seller dreams of getting it, so it won’t be an easy feat.

Fortunately, Threecolts shared some tips for grabbing it:

  • Enhance your product listings by crafting compelling titles, rich descriptions, and eye-catching visuals. Remember, keywords are your greatest allies.
  • Make sure your reviews shine by providing stellar customer service and proactive feedback management.
  • Maintain consistent fulfillment by shipping orders on time and managing inventory efficiently. 🚚
  • Minimize returns by analyzing trends, addressing issues promptly, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Invest in Amazon Ads to give your product the spotlight it deserves.

Is being Amazon's Choice worth it?

Short answer—YES! Think of it as your golden ticket to boost your:

  • Visibility: Your product leaps to the forefront of search results.
  • Search ranking: The more visible your product is, the more clicks it can get. This improves your organic rankings over time.
  • Credibility: Like a stamp of approval, it tells customers they can trust your offerings.
  • Conversion: This badge can boost conversion rates by 25%, ultimately making sales soar like never before.

Being Amazon’s Choice isn't a cakewalk—but not rocket science either. Equipped with these insights, all you need to do is list your products intelligently and stay persistent. Then, you’re ready to go get that badge! 🦾


Sell Big, Save Big: Launch your business on Walmart Marketplace

Tired of limited reach and high fees? 

It's time to tap into millions of eager customers with Walmart Marketplace

For a limited time, new sellers on Walmart Marketplace get: 

  • Up to 50% off on referral fees for three months; 
  • Up to 50% off on Walmart Fulfillment Services*; and 
  • Instant access to powerful sales tools like advertising and competitive pricing!

Be the next success story on Walmart.com!

How did Miko grow by 115% GMV in just one year?*

By leveraging the 2-day shipping of Walmart Fulfillment Services to increase GMV by 1573%* on items that did not previously have 2-day shipping!

Ready to be the next Miko? Start selling now and get up to 50% off on referral and fulfillment fees.**

Unlike other platforms, Walmart Marketplace offers:

  • ZERO monthly or setup fees
  • Unmatched transparency—clear, competitive fees with no hidden costs.
  • The unique omnichannel advantage that lets you tap into millions of customers across their online and physical stores.

Sign up today and claim your exclusive savings!

Start selling on Walmart.com.

*Source: Walmart first-party data, 2021-22

**Conditions apply.



Common product listing errors on Amazon (and how to avoid them)

With Amazon’s new AI-powered product page generator, optimizing your product listings has never been easier. But here’s the thing—this tool still relies on the information you provide.

❌And because you still need to provide it manually, you’re still prone to pesky listing errors. Amazon Listing Service listed a rundown of the usual mistakes, from minor oopsies to major headaches:

  • Missing or inaccurate product info: Think wonky titles, misleading descriptions, or images that just don't match.
  • Price and availability hiccups: This happens when your listing promises one thing but delivers another in terms of price or availability.
  • Category and classification errors: Listing your product in the wrong category can lead to serious head-scratching.
  • Policy violations: Amazon's got rules—breaking them can put your listing in hot water.

As if it isn’t bad enough that these issues can affect your sales, they can also lead to suppressed listings! Now that’s a really major headache.

So, how do you keep these errors at bay?

  • Automate like a pro: Let technology do the heavy lifting in keeping your listings accurate and consistent.
  • Stay in the policy loop: Stay updated with the latest policies and guidelines to avoid stepping on any toes.
  • Do a quality check: Put in place some good ol' quality control measures, such as spot-checking your published content.
  • Trust BUT verify: Before hitting that publish button, give your listings a once-over to catch any sneaky errors. Tip: Wait for a few minutes to double-check the content to refresh your editing perspective.

🛠️ Listing errors may not be 100% avoidable (yet) but are definitely controllable. So, make sure to sharpen your eyes in spotting mistakes and pinpointing their causes and, more importantly, solutions.


How to create an Amazon variation listing in 6 easy steps

Have you ever wondered how you can cater to customers with different preferences without drowning them in options?

Well, wonder no more because SellerApp says the answer is variation listings!

🧑‍🏫 Variation listing 101

Amazon allows adding variation listings to help customers find options without scrolling endlessly through search results. They’re designed to simplify the shopping experience while boosting conversion and organic ranking.

Variation listings consist of 3 components:

  • Parent listing: This is like the “queen bee” of all your variants. It holds everything together, but it's not up for grabs.
  • Child ASINs: These are the actual variants your customers can buy—differentiated by color, size, type, and all other relevant product attributes.
  • Variation theme: This is the factor that makes each variation unique, such as scent (for perfumes) or flavor (for food items).

6 steps to set up your variation listings

  • Check eligibility. Not all categories support variation listings, so make sure yours does.
  • Log in to Seller Central.
  • Go to the Inventory tab and select Add a Product.
  • Fill in the product name, brand, and manufacturer, and leave the product ID blank. Then, click the Variations tab to set your variation theme and add the variation information that you want to add (size, color, etc.). After this, you can now enter the product ID and quantity.
  • If you want to add variation to an existing listing, you can upload an inventory file.
  • Once you’re satisfied with everything, click Save & Finish.

✨ And voilà! Your variations are ready to rock the digital shelves.

Variation listings might seem like a maze at first. But once you've mastered them, there's no looking back. So, spice up those product pages with diverse options and watch your sales soar! 🚀

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Faith began working on SellerBites in 2021, a weekly newsletter that provides sellers with the latest news and updates in FBA. With first-hand experience in managing various seller and vendor accounts, she understands what sellers face on this platform. Her background led to the conception of SellerBites, which main goal is to help people become better, more informed entrepreneurs in the Amazon marketplace.
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