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SellerBites’ 24 in 2024: Part 1

Being a new seller on Amazon can be intimidating. But this can be helped when you have the right guidance.

Not sure who to follow and listen to? We got you! ✨

Introducing SellerBites' 24 in 2024—a curated list of 24 people and brands to check out if you're an Amazon seller. These are ecommerce gurus we believe can help build you into an Amazon powerhouse.

Today, we introduce you to the first 6 of them:


The pioneer behind Black Label Advisor

The pioneer behind Black Label Advisor

Jon Elder is the mastermind behind Black Label Advisor.

For him, success isn't a walk in the park. He started small, just a regular, barely visible guy selling products on Amazon. Fast forward to 2019, he's turned not one, not two, but five private-label brands into cash cows, raking in over $10,000,000 each! 🐄

But Jon didn't just stop at his own success story. In over 3 years, he has helped 500+ sellers to become 8-figure giants. So, whether you're a big player or an Amazon rookie, Jon's got your back.

🟢 Why you should subscribe to Jon: Every week, he dishes out one actionable hack to his subscribers to help them crush the competition.


The expert behind Amazon Sellers Group TG

The expert behind Amazon Sellers Group TG

Ed Rosenberg is a top authority on Amazon Compliance and Suspension and the brains behind Amazon Sellers Group TG—a seller community that empowers new and seasoned sellers. 💪

ASGTG didn't just pop out of thin air. Ed saw sellers drowning in account suspensions and money worries, so he decided to throw them a lifeline. Now, it evolved into a tight-knit crew of comrades, exchanging tricks of the trade for success.

🟢 Why you should read Ed’s content: Well, he's not one to sugarcoat things, especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty of selling on Amazon. Instead, he lays it all out there—the good, the bad, and the downright messy. But don’t worry, he’s very much willing to lend you a helping hand!


The mastermind behind Structured

The mastermind behind Structured

Chase Dimond is rewriting the rules of the game with his ecommerce email marketing agency Structured.

✉️ Recognizing the common pain points businesses encounter with email marketing, Structured delivers game-changing, tailored solutions to keep your ecommerce game strong. As a result, the agency earned its stripes as one of the top partners for Klaviyo and Sendlane.

🟢 Why you should trust Chase: With a knack for crafting killer email campaigns, Chase has driven over $150 million in revenue, all without blowing a fortune on traditional ads! If you want your campaign to hit its goals, Chase can make it happen.


The visionary behind Divine

The visionary behind Divine

Casey Woodard is the brains behind Divine—a vision that started small but soared high. 🪽

Three years ago, Casey launched KickFlips, an email newsletter about sneaker flipping. Today, KickFlips has evolved into Divine, a content powerhouse reaching over 10 million people monthly and raking in seven figures annually.

🟢 Why you should follow Casey Woodard and Divine: In October 2023, Divine clinched the #1 Best-Selling Ecommerce Product on Whop.


The man behind Clear The Shelf

The man behind Clear The Shelf

Chris Grant is the man behind Clear The Shelf—a blog dedicated to equipping you with the skills and resources to conquer Amazon FBA and take your business to the next level.

And Chris? He's also an Amazon arbitrage wizard! With his expertise and guidance, you'll be smashing your sales in no time. He's armed with all the insider tips and tools you need to make it big in the ecommerce jungle. 🧰

🟢 Why you should take note of Chris’ insights: Well, he's already coached a jaw-dropping 3,500 sellers through his Online Arbitrage Challenge. If there's anyone who can lead you to Amazon success, it's Chris.


The brains behind All Out Amazon

The brains behind All Out Amazon

Meet the brainy men behind All Out Amazon—the Goral brothers, Garrett and Dillon Goral. They run wholesale enterprises called SupplierFlow and Northeast Wholesale Supply and are experts in their fields. 🧠

🟢 Why you should trail All Out AmazonThey let you in on foolproof sourcing tips, tools, and even online arbitrage lead subscriptions. Plus, they offer tailored coaching to a wide variety of businesses.

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