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Amazon introduces an AI-powered feature for easy product page creation

Christmas is still nine months away, but we’re already bringing you good tidings—in the form of new Amazon features and insightful selling tips:

We sincerely hope these scoops bring you a good week ahead!



Get ready to bid goodbye to the tedious task of creating product pages from scratch. ICYDK, Amazon is rolling out a game-changer feature: AI-generated product pages!

🤖 Here are the details as reported by The Verge:

  • The new generative AI feature will obtain information from a seller’s external website to generate an Amazon product page.
  • The generated content will include a written description and images of the item.
  • The feature is already rolling out, with U.S. sellers getting the first fibs.
  • Important note: You must own the content of the site you’ll use or hold rights (or license) to use it. Otherwise, you might find yourself in some legal hot water.

Investing in the future

It's not just about product pages though—Amazon's AI game is strong across the board. The retail giant has been on a roll lately with its AI-generated photos and product listing descriptions. Plus, AWS is enhancing services like text-to-image generators and AI-driven customer support. 💪

And let's not forget Rufus, the chatbot extraordinaire! Sure, it might crack a joke or two when it's not supposed to, but hey, nobody's perfect.

🛣️ As a seller, it's crucial to invest in these advancements as well. Don't worry, it won't cost you a dime. Just keep up with these changes, and you'll be on the path to success.


The best way to beat demanding Amazon selling requirements

As sellers, your ultimate dream is to see your Amazon business soar to new heights and turn your brand into a household name. Fortunately, you now have the means to turn this dream into reality through Seller Interactive's Account Management Services!

🛅 Say goodbye to…

…the woes that held you back, like:

👋 With Seller Interactive, say hello to…

…what else but success!

With Seller Interactive, you can access top-notch workarounds for common seller issues. Their battle-tested strategies and Amazon expertise will become YOUR secret weapons. And ICYDK, Seller Interactive's Account Management Services obtained a 4.4-star rating from Clutch.

What are you waiting for? Trust the experts in this field. Trust Seller Interactive.



This new tool that lets you organize and analyze customer feedback

Amazon’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) dashboard offers you an efficient way to organize and analyze customer feedback. Specifically, it allows you to edit your listings and remove inventory to better meet buyers’ needs and preferences.

But for Amazon, there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. A recent announcement revealed the addition of two new features to VOC: expanded Recommended Actions and Key Phrases.

🆕 What do the new features do?

  • The expanded Recommended Actions feature:
    • Includes seller education content to help you understand product conditions through informative resources, such as video tutorials on handling defective items.
    • Provides information about Amazon’s preparation guidelines to avoid mishandling orders.
    • Adds a size chart tool to reduce issues related to fit.
    • Offers product lifecycle support, which helps customers learn more about your products through live support and product-related resources.
  • The Key Phrases feature is no longer limited to just reviews. It now includes feedback from customer service sessions, buyer-seller messaging, seller feedback, and A-to-z Claims.

What do you think? Are these expansions helpful or unnecessary additions? Let us know your thoughts by replying to this email! ↩️


5 challenges of cross-platform selling (and how to solve them)

Customers check out products across different platforms before buying. That’s why selling on different channels is a smart move for retailers. 

💡However, managing all these channels can be tricky. Shopify shared some of the common challenges faced by cross-platform sellers and the best way to handle them:

  • Choosing the right channel. With so many options to choose from, you risk wasting time and money if you sell on the wrong platforms.
  • Managing inventory. Selling on different platforms means following different sets of inventory rules. It’s easy to get confused, especially if you still have a small team. Running out of products or having excess inventory can negatively affect your business.
  • Coordinating logistics and order fulfillment. The multiple delivery options, packing slip sources, and courier services per platform may lead to delayed deliveries, which can negatively impact customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining consistent product data. Inconsistent product information can confuse customers and make them lose trust in your brand.
  • Monitoring sales. Of course, you need to check all your sales channels to see your performance. As a result, it’s challenging to identify trends and make informed decisions to grow your business.
    • Solution: Use multi-channel attribution to see where your customers are coming from and which platform brings in the most profit. 

🌟 Key takeaway

Selling on many channels can be hard. But with the right tools and strategies, you can turn these challenges into big, fat opportunities for growth and success.

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