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Amazon Prime Day 2024 dates have been set

Earlier this week, Walmart announced the launch of its feistiest campaign yet—Spicy Summer. From what we’ve heard, it’s mostly dedicated to book lovers, (explains the BookTok reference).

Hmm. Could this be a shot at Amazon’s bookselling history? Do let us know if you think so.

In the meantime, here are some spicy ecommerce bits for you. 🌶️


Amazon finally revealed exactly when Prime Day 2024 is: July 16 to 17 (PDT)! And because Prime members can now start with early access deals, many sellers already have a lot on their plates right now.

ICYMI, Prime Day broke records with $12.9 billion in total sales last year. This year, Amazon hinted that it’s eyeing an even bigger breakthrough.

🎉 Are you ready for the sale extravaganza?

If you decided to participate in the sales event, you should’ve already completed all preps, including:

  • Having your ad campaigns approved and set to go;
  • Optimizing your listings and A+ content;
  • Shipping your FBA inventory to warehouses; and 
  • Spreading the word through social channels.

But even if you’re done checking off this list, you don’t sit back and relax until Prime Day. Here are some last-minute tips and reminders on what to do DURING the event:

  • Perform last-minute inventory checks. It’s a good idea to offer FBA and FBM options in case of stockouts. 📦
  • Handle shopper queries as promptly as possible. Try setting up your chatbot to answer FAQs for high-demand ASINs. You can also try Amazon’s Buy with Prime Assist for 24/7 live support.
  • Place product inserts. You can personalize orders with a message, discount coupons, or freebies. This way, you can convert buyers into repeat customers.

How to have a profitable Prime Day?

By knowing—AND MEETING—your customers’ expectations. That means offering the most attractive deals and providing stellar customer service during Prime’s peak hours.

Also, don’t forget to keep calm and make the most out of Prime Day! ✨


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You need Insense.

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Walmart’s private-label brands will be on Walmart Discovered starting July

Remember when Walmart said their venture on Roblox was just starting? Well, the retailer is fast in executing its plans as it will now use Roblox to promote and sell its private-label brands

According to Glossy, Walmart will begin with the relaunch of its $2 billion brand, No Boundaries, on Roblox. This coincides with the brand’s relaunch in physical stores and online.

🤔 But why Roblox?

This move is part of Walmart’s grand plan to capture the attention of Gen Z, who are known for their love of digital experiences. To achieve that, the retailer:

  • Teamed up with data platform Geeiq back in 2023.
  • Used Geeiq’s tools to understand what’s hot in the game, such as the most popular in-game items and the best opportunities for brand integration; and
  • Launched Walmart Discovered in September 2023.

Contrary to popular belief, Roblox is not only for kids. Insights from Geeiq revealed that 65% of the players are over 18, making this venture spot on. 💯

📱 A taste of both worlds

So far, Walmart Discovered has seen:

  • Over 20 million visits in just 6 months
  • A 96.3% approval rating.
  • And over 1.5 million items sold on Walmart Discovered.

With these numbers, it's evident that Walmart isn't stopping with No Boundaries. They plan to roll out other private-label brands after seeing how this first launch performs.

And like before, Walmart will partner with a top UGC creator to curate virtual outfits inspired by No Boundaries. The creator's name is still a secret, but we’ll let you know once we hear more.🎙️


Prime Day tip: Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry for secure transactions

Did you know that trademark owners can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry to protect their brands?

📜 This free program helps keep counterfeiters at bay and gives you better control over your brand presence on Amazon. If you wish to sign up to ensure secure Prime Day transactions, here are the enrollment guidelines:


To be eligible for the program, you need an active registered trademark or a pending trademark registration. Your trademark must be either a text-based mark (word mark) or an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers (design mark) from an approved government intellectual property (IP) office.

Enrollment steps

  • Create a Brand Registry account using your Seller Central or Vendor Central credentials. This links your selling and Brand Registry accounts.
  • Provide brand information, including trademark details, brand name, logo, and product categories. You may need to upload supporting documents like your trademark registration certificate.
    • Make sure the brand name matches the trademark text exactly, including spaces and symbols.
    • The trademark type must also match the type listed on your trademark record.
  • Submit product photos. Upload an actual image of your product or packaging that displays your permanently affixed band name. Stickers, labels, stamps, and tags are not considered permanent.
  • Verify your identity. Amazon might ask for more information or documents to confirm your identity as the rights owner.
  • Submit your application. Review all information for accuracy before submitting your application.

After Amazon verifies that you’re the rights owner, the public contact associated with your trademark registration will receive a verification code. They must share this code with you, and you'll send the code back to Amazon to complete the enrollment process.

❔ Why should you enroll?

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry is a smart move if you want to protect and grow your brand. It ensures customers receive authentic products and boosts your brand's reputation.

Our tip? Enroll now!

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