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Why hero products should be in your brand’s spotlight this year

If the Marvel universe has superheroes, the ecommerce universe has hero products. And today, we’re gonna talk about how they can be the extraordinary force you need to save your business every day.


Ecommerce success can be addictive. That’s why sellers are always in a rush for that next big hit, pumping out one product after another.

But here's the thing: Frequent product launches are a common trap to fall into.

To be clear, rolling out new products is not a bad thing. But according to Triple Whale, it's smarter to work on ensuring your hero product stays in the spotlight.

🦸 But what exactly is a hero product?

Nate Poulin, COO of Feat Clothing, says your hero product is the nucleus of your business atom—the smallest but most essential component that holds everything together. Kinda like Apple's iPods or Nike's shoes.

In short, your hero product should be the item that defines your brand. It doesn't just come with price tags—it should tell your brand's story to inspire customer loyalty.

Not sure how to start nominating your brand’s hero? Here are some foolproof tips:

  • Know your hero byasking yourself: What product do customers associate with my brand? Hint: it should have that ✨ shine ✨ that attracts a lot of shoppers and rakes in the cash.
  • Craft your story. Marketing the product should put the spotlight on your hero. Tell its tale and how it aligns with your brand's values. It’s standard to plan the timeline 6-12 months ahead of the launch.
  • Fan the flames. But make sure to set buyers’ expectations at the same level as your capacity. Remember: quality is still the best tool for reeling in new customers and creating a loyal community.
  • Listen to customer feedback. Collect as many suggestions and insights as you can to improve not just your hero product but your entire business.

Forget about spreading yourself thin with a gazillion products. Let your hero lead the charge and watch your business soar to infinity and beyond! 🚀


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3 things that can transform your hero product into an ecommerce icon

Did you know that ecommerce success goes beyond just sales numbers?

That’s what a LinkedIn article stated, highlighting that having a market legacy is equally empowering. And what better way to achieve that than using—you guessed it—your hero products!

But how?

Well, here are 3 things that can help you turn your business into an ecommerce hero:

⚓ Strategic anchoring

When introducing new products alongside your hero, do it strategically by:

💡 New ideas

No one sticks around for an average product. Yet, offering high-quality items isn’t enough to stand out; you must bring something fresh to the table.

Look at what Fenty Beauty did with their Pro Filt’r Foundation. They shook things up by offering the widest range of shades ever seen in a brand, becoming the symbol of inclusivity.

💪 Flexibility

With the business world moving at warp speed, every player needs to evolve with it while still giving customers what they crave

Remember when Heinz flipped the ketchup game with their upside-down bottles? It showed how a simple twist can breathe fresh life into a classic. Then after over two decades, they released a new packaging that solves another pain point. Talk about proactive and flexible thinking!

The goal: To be iconic

Aside from following these tips, stay nimble to keep up with the times while staying true to your roots. Because in the end, what makes you unique is the vision that drove you to start in the first place. 🌟


How to define and market your hero product

By now, we’ve established that your hero product should be your brand’s frontman. But if you're still wondering which of your products deserves the hero treatment, Essential Wholesale & Labs suggests doing these 5 things:

  • Define your brand. Nail down your brand message and values. For instance, if you're all about sustainability, your hero product should be something that features a sustainable design.
  • Know the problem you want to solve. And be as specific as possible when identifying the pain points you want to address. For example, instead of saying your product can brighten the skin, target redness or dark spots.
  • Focus. Don't try to be everything to everyone, and keep your product’s mission targeted, clear, and concise.
  • Pay attention to detail. Every aspect—from design to price point—should scream "star quality." But since perfection can't be rushed, take your time until you finally get it right.
  • Treat your hero product like a star. Because if there’s anyone who can put it on a pedestal, it’s you! The key is to believe in what your product can do—and then enhance it more. 

📍 Bonus trick: Keep the greatness flowing

Even if your hero product seems flawless, keep pushing boundaries. Stay ahead of trends and embrace new ones!

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