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Walmart and Roblox’s virtual ecommerce gimmick

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? Lately, days seem to be in a bit of a hurry.

Just like the ecommerce industry, where things need to be done ASAP. But you should really consider pausing because we have some interesting stories you can use to avoid making hasty business decisions.


Over the years, companies and brands have been collaborating to offer fresh deals to shoppers. And when Digiday reported that Walmart and Roblox are joining forces, one can be sure that it’s gonna be something fun and epic.

True enough, the two companies are teaming up to allow Roblox users to shop in Walmart’s ecommerce store!

🎮 How exactly does it work?

The idea is simple: players can try on the virtual replica of selected physical items sold at Walmart through Walmart Discovered. If they want to buy the item, they can check out using a virtual laptop and have it delivered to their address.

  • Players can get a virtual twin of their purchase immediately while the real item makes its way to them.
  • Regarding security, the checkout process is powered by Walmart’s trusty API. So, the buyer’s information is surely in good hands.
  • Walmart also teamed up with a few top Roblox creators to give their products a virtual makeover. It's like a digital fashion show, featuring items reimagined for the Roblox world.

📌 As of now, the feature is only available to users aged 13 or older in the United States.

But there’s a more exciting part

This isn't just about Walmart flexing its ecommerce power. It's part of Roblox's plan to become more than just a game platform. That explains why it opted not to receive a cut on Walmart's sales during the pilot test.

After this test run, Roblox aims to invite any brand to join, making it a full-blown digital hub. Well, this pilot test is just the beginning. If all goes well, Walmart could become the leading ecommerce provider in Roblox. 🏆


The best way to make high-converting content

Need to source authentic UGC at scale? Or maybe you’re looking to trade in free products for some high-quality marketing content?

Then, you need to start collaborating with influencers on product seeding (influencer gifting) campaigns!

And here’s the good news: partnering with micro-influencers for organic influencer posting doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. Especially if you partner with Insense—an end-to-end platform for UGC and influencer campaigns!

  • Launch a product seeding campaign on Insense and receive applications only from influencers eager to produce content in exchange for free products within 2 days!
  • Download creator shipping information in bulk to save time.
  • Use the chat to download fully licensed content for paid social ads.
  • Enjoy automated influencer agreements and a money-back guarantee if an influencer ghosts.

Join 1,500+ brands like Malouf, Rankster, and Upper Echelon that use Insense to run product seeding campaigns at scale and partner with influencers on long-term campaigns.

Book a free 1-2-1 strategy call by April 5 and get $200 for your first campaign.



Live commerce might boom in the US this year—should you try it?

Live commerce, a trend that's taken off in China, might finally find its footing in Western markets!

According to eCommerce Fastlane, live commerce in the West is projected to grow to $2.9 billion by 2028. That’s pretty huge—just not as huge as in China, where Alibaba’s Taobao Live made $7.5 billion in just 30 minutes!

💫 It’s a comeback

Big players like Facebook and TikTok initially showed interest in live commerce but later pulled back on their efforts. But this year, there are signs that the tide might be turning:

  • TikTok Shop: Launched in the U.S. in September 2023, this newbie ecommerce player is focused on mainstreaming live shopping.
  • Amazon Live: Originally launched in 2019, it's a digital shopping channel where famous people and brands show and talk about products you can buy on Amazon right away. What’s more, Amazon is making live shopping even more exciting by adding an "Amazon Live" channel to Prime Video and Freevee

🛍️ Should you try livestream selling?

Right now, it might not be a huge deal in the U.S. But with the great potential it’s showing, live commerce is definitely worth considering

Giving livestream selling a go might help you tap into new markets and engage customers in exciting ways. So, better keep an eye on this trend as it could be a game-changer for your business. 👀


5 ways to boost product visibility on Amazon

Did you know that 57% of U.S. consumers start their product search on Amazon? Sounds promising—until you remember that most of them don’t get past the first page of search results.

🚀 It’s a competition to get seen by these shoppers, especially with the upcoming Prime Day. Thankfully, Shopify shared strategies to boost your visibility right before the big day:

  • Run competitor analysis. Study product pages and competitor reviews. Also, don’t forget to monitor changes and trends to stay relevant in your category.
  • Price smart. Consider automating prices to win the Featured Offer. Offer discounts and limited-time deals strategically. Segue: You should’ve submitted your Prime Day campaigns by now.
  • Keep optimizing. Use relevant keywords, especially on your titles. And make sure to have high-quality product images (no one wants a blurry pic 📸). 
  • Request reviews. Gather social proof to build trust. Some of the best channels to explore are Amazon Vine, emails, and social media.
  • Run sponsored ads. In addition to organic campaigns and strategies, invest in paid ads. Sponsored ads are a fast way to get in front of customers.

How do you plan on boosting your product’s visibility? Share your tips by replying to this email! 🧠

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