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What’s in store for Prime Day 2024?

In case you’re wondering what’s the latest about Amazon’s antitrust case, the FTC is now accusing company execs of destroying evidence. That’s a new level of messed up (and illegal) if proven true.

Good thing we at SellerBites pledge to do the opposite—disclosing every relevant info you need to grow your business and survive the fierce ecommerce world.


Amazon has just unveiled plans for its highly anticipated 10th Prime Day event, which is set to take place this July.

Short recap: last year was nothing short of phenomenal! Shoppers went crazy, buying over 375 million items worldwide and saving a total of $2.5 billion on millions of deals. Last year's Prime Day also set the bar even higher by zipping deliveries at warp speeds. 💨

It was hands down the biggest Prime Day bash in history...yet. As the retail giant gears up for this year's shopping event, higher-ups at Amazon are convinced that this year is going to be epic!

🛍️ What's the plan?

For starters, Amazon’s doubling down on its efforts to ensure this year's Prime Day is an absolute blockbuster. We’re talking bigger discounts, exclusive offers, and all the must-have items customers have been eagerly eyeing.

And for sellers like you, it's not just another shopping event—it's an unparalleled opportunity. Prime Day 2024 is a chance to make a lasting impression and drive unprecedented sales.

🌎 Where's the party at?

Prime Day fever transcends borders—it's a worldwide sensation! You can tap into members in 26 countries worldwide, including key markets like the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and India.

So, brace yourself and put your battle shoes on. Prepare your inventory, fine-tune your promotions, and get ready to showcase your products to millions of eager shoppers. No matter where you're based, there's a whole lot of sales potential for you.

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive deals as we count down to the biggest shopping event of the year. 🎉


Not participating in Prime Day? Here’s the best alternative to enjoy explosive sales

Tired of limited reach and high fees? 

It's time to tap into millions of eager customers with Walmart Marketplace

For a limited time, new sellers on Walmart Marketplace get: 

  • Up to 50% off on referral fees for three months; 
  • Up to 50% off on Walmart Fulfillment Services*; and 
  • Instant access to powerful sales tools like advertising and competitive pricing!

Be the next success story on Walmart.com!

How did Miko grow by 115% GMV in just one year?*

By leveraging the 2-day shipping of Walmart Fulfillment Services to increase GMV by 1573%* on items that did not previously have 2-day shipping!

Ready to be the next Miko? Start selling now and get up to 50% off on referral and fulfillment fees.**

Unlike other platforms, Walmart Marketplace offers:

  • ZERO monthly or setup fees
  • Unmatched transparency—clear, competitive fees with no hidden costs.
  • The unique omnichannel advantage that lets you tap into millions of customers across their online and physical stores.

Sign up today and claim your exclusive savings!

Start selling on Walmart.com.

*Source: Walmart first-party data, 2021-22

**Conditions apply.



Generative AI is your new cost-effective marketing best friend

As the marketing world rapidly evolves, generative AI is equally fast in taking center stage. According to Marketing Tech, businesses are moving from testing this new tool to incorporating it into their strategies.

🎞️ AI in action

One best example of generative AI in actual ecommerce action is Amazon Q. It’s a new type of AI-powered assistant that you can use in your business to:

  • Learn your brand style guide;
  • Turn press releases into blog posts;
  • Analyze social media presence;
  • Create posts based on your press releases; and
  • Summarize the results of your post for review. 

Looking at the bigger picture, there are 2 proven ways to make generative AI your efficient, cost-effective marketing ally:

  • Ecommerce optimization. For instance, you can save time and money by using this handy tech to write product descriptions.
  • Enhanced paid media campaigns. Improve your conversion rates by leveraging its ability to generate lifestyle images tailored for products.

👀 A word of caution, though

Don’t rely solely on AI. 🤖

As with any other technology, AI has its flaws. Balancing between AI and human input is essential to ensure accuracy and quality.

If you’re determined to make it your next marketing assistant, it’s best to start with small projects. This way, you can test things out and improve your strategies effectively.


4 steps to avoid FBA inbound placement fees

With Prime Day just around the corner, promptly getting inventory across different fulfillment centers is important. This ensures customers get fast delivery no matter where they are

This is where FBA inbound placement comes in.

🪙 Right place, right price

Rolled out on March 1, 2024, the FBA inbound placement service is Amazon’s way of helping you get your items to different fulfillment centers. But of course, it comes with a cost—a minimum of $0.21 per item, to be exact.

To pay or not to pay?

With all the new fees, sellers are sharing tips on how to be cost-efficient. One post in Seller Central detailed how you can avoid the inbound placement fee:

  • Create your shipmentwith the ASINs you want.
  • Choose 6 boxes for the “multiple boxes will be needed” option.
  • Divide the total number of units by 6.
  • Make sure the first 5 boxes have IDENTICAL quantities. The last box can contain a different amount.

📍Note:You can only have up to 1500 units and 50 SKUs in the whole shipment. If you exceed even by just one unit or SKU, the optimized/free placement option will be unavailable.

Another note:Technically, you didn’t avoid the placement fee by following the tips above. You just optimized your shipments to waive or reduce the fees.

Was it effective?

Some sellers said the hack worked for 4 identical boxes. Others say you can go up to 8! Although a few have mentioned that multiple small shipments may cost you the new low-inventory level fee.

Are you thinking of seeing the result yourself? If you are, let us know how it turns out by replying to this email! 🔍

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