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Temu’s top 5 secrets to explosive growth

Hey sellers, it’s Friday and time to level up your ecommerce game! This week’s issue is packed with must-know strategies, success stories, and expert insights that will turbocharge your online store—don’t miss out on what’s shaping the future of ecommerce!

This is what ChatGPT gave us when we tried asking it to create our intro for today’s issue. TBH, it’s a bit jolly for our usual tone. Maybe Amazon’s upcoming chatbot can match us better?

If it’s the first time you’ve heard about Amazon’s AI chatbot, you better scroll down to know more. 

  • Temu’s secret to success 📑
  • The best way to make your brand more memorable 📌
  • Amazon’s Metis vs. OpenAI’s ChatGPT 🤖
  • A tool for successful product launches 🔧


Temu’s famous motto is “Shop like a Billionaire.” But with the pace at which the platform is growing, it will be the billionaire sooner rather than later.

That’s why according to Bizcommunity, it’s qualified to give sellers like you a lesson on how to grow your business rapidly. 💨

Lessons from Temu

  • Leverage top-notch data analysis. Use insights and reports to make data-driven decisions. Monitor your performance, as well as the performance of your competition. 
  • Follow your own path. Temu focuses on acquisition and sales rather than conventional brand building. Likewise, you should concentrate on your brand strategy and goals. Create content and campaigns that’ll make customers fall in love with your brand.
  • Collect first-party data to target buyers. Utilize free channels where shoppers are directly at the end of the line, like email and SMS. This way, you don’t have to compete with others and you can personalize the customer experience.
  • Focus on core categories. Temu’s 100+ categories can be daunting—you don’t want that. Instead, concentrate most of your budget and efforts on key profitable categories. Don’t sell everywhere all at once.
  • Incentivize and excite customers. Temu uses engagement tactics like gamification, rewards, challenges, and incentives. You too can create urgency with discounts, loyalty rewards, and exclusive deals.

💫 Temu’s disruptive marketing strategy is indeed captivating more and more consumers. And with the lessons above, you can too!


How to make your Amazon brand more memorable

There are millions of sellers on Amazon, with 60% of sales coming from independent sellers with small and medium-sized businesses. Do you think your brand can stand out from this sea of competitors?

Well, if you want to succeed in selling on the platform, you should try to stand out.

But how can you do this?

By making your brand memorable! Here's how to do it:

  • Use STORI to create content for you. With the help of STORI's AI feature, you can create customized branding elements, including taglines, colors, brand identity, strategy, voice, and personas.
  • Publish content on all your social media platforms. Make sure that the content is consistent with your branding so it'll be easier for your audience to recall your brand.
  • Plan your content and schedule them accordingly. The more you post on your social media platforms, the easier it is for your audience to be more aware of your brand.

Don't have time to plan, create, and publish marketing materials? Don't let this stop you! Focus on doing your business while letting STORI boost your brand’s exposure.

Of course, it’s better if you experience all of these firsthand. So, try STORI now for FREE by clicking on the link below. 👇

Elevate my brand’s communication



Amazon is building a ChatGPT rival

Amazon is in competitive mode as Quartz reported it’s working on on a new member of its AI team. Aside from Alexa, Rufus, and Titan, you’ll likely meet ChatGPT’s direct competitor, Metis.

💻 Who (or what) is Metis?

As per the report, Metis is an AI chatbot powered by Amazon’s internal AI model, Olympus. The new chatbot will be “able to reference knowledge outside of its original training data.”

Metis’ capabilities include:

  • Generating conversational text-based and image-based answers;
  • Providing source links;
  • Suggesting follow-up questions; and
  • Generating images.

Bonus feature: It’s also meant to be an AI agent or assistant that can book flights or connect to smart home devices (for example, to turn on the lights). 🦾

How will this affect you?

With all these great strides, sellers can expect more AI-aided features and tools coming up. So, you better familiarize yourself with upcoming technologies.

🖼️ Amazon is still behind Google and Microsoft when it comes to AI assistants. But these advancements are all steps to a bigger picture: integrating GenAI into ALL Amazon services.


Amazon’s new feature can make your product launch a BIG success

To ensure a successful product launch, you need more than a good product. You also need insights—preferably from your target market.

Fortunately, Amazon has launched the exact tool you need: Customer Review Insights!

👀 What’s new in sight?

  • Review Trends (for brands): Displays shifts in customer sentiment over the last six months. This helps identify trends in positive and negative reviews.
  • Parent ASIN: Gives you an overview of buyer sentiment. It summarizes customer review insights for a product, even those with multiple variations (child ASINs).
    • Through parent ASIN-level insights, you can now access an in-depth view of sentiment for the entire listing in one view.
  • ASIN Benchmarking: Provides a comparison between your product’s star rating and the category’s average star rating. ICYDK, knowing your products’ ranking could give you a competitive edge. 💡
  • Topic Drilldown: Lists  frequently mentioned sub-topics in reviews to give deeper insights into your product’s attributes and customer experiences.

With Prime Day just weeks away, the timing of this new feature couldn’t be more perfect. Because aside from the chance to tailor your products better, it gives you more information on how shoppers view them and your brand.

To get started, go to Opportunity Explorer and explore the Customer Review Insights tab. 🔍

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