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SellerBites’ 24 in 2024: Part 2

Last time, we introduced you to six Amazon personalities that can lead you to success on the platform. But as we promised, we’re gonna give you 24 options to choose from, so you can find who’s the best inspiration for your Amazon business. ✨

Today, meet another six Amazon experts who understand AND solve common selling woes:


The man behind Voartex Strategic Advisory and Amazon with Brett

The man behind Voartex Strategic Advisory and Amazon with Brett

Brett Bohannon knows that having an experienced ally in the Amazon game can make all the difference. 

That's why he launched Voartex Strategic Advisory in 2016 and Amazon with Brett in 2022—because he knows the ins and outs of the marketplace like the back of his hand. 🙌

From building and selling his thriving ventures to becoming a sought-after Amazon coach and consultant, Brett's journey is a testament to his hands-on expertise. 

🟢 Why hitch your wagon to Brett's lead: His results speak for themselves. With a portfolio boasting over 100 top-tier brands, Brett's advice is like gold in ecommerce.


The solution to every seller's Amazon selling woes

The solution to every seller's Amazon selling woes

Are you planning on selling on Amazon but need help knowing where to start? Or are you already selling but you want to grow your business? Whatever it is, every seller wants to thrive on Amazon but it takes time to get it right.

Do you have the luxury of time to figure things out piece by piece?

Just like you, no one does. But AMZJOY's got your back.

AMZJoy is a one-stop full-service Amazon agency. Need help in SEO, PPC, design, and product launches? They're the right people to call! 

You can avail of their full-service Amazon management service or choose just the service you need from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and product listing design.

Not ready to lock into the full management service just yet? You have the option to avail only the service you need.

Focus on growing your business. Leave the Amazon technicalities to the experts. 

An exclusive treat for SellerBites subscribers!

Get 20% off on your availed service when you leave a comment on their contact page that you saw their ad on the SellerBites’ newsletter.

I want my 20% off of AMZJoy’s services!


The ecommerce veteran who founded Profasee

The ecommerce veteran who founded Profasee

Chad Rubin is an ecommerce veteran who's been in the game since 2008. He's on a mission to shake up how brands do business through his brainchild, Profasee—a slick pricing software that's changing the ecommerce game. 

🔎 Chad's journey started when he spotted a big gap in brand strategies. Specifically, he noticed that there wasn't enough focus on nailing down prices that matched up with how Amazon shoppers think, search, and buy.

🟢 Why trust Chad's expertise:  There's more to Chad than just Profasee. He's also the genius behind hits like Skubana and Think Crucial. And as if that's not enough, he's even got a bestselling book on Amazon, "Cheaper, Easier, Direct."


The reselling expert

Helps sellers make their first $1 by reselling discontinued products

Zach Altmyer is an omnichannel seller present on Amazon and eBay platforms. His strategy involves reselling discontinued products for higher profits. 📈

🟢 Why follow Zach: He’s dedicated to helping aspiring sellers make their first $1 reselling items. He regularly shares product finds, reselling tactics, and best practices for sourcing discontinued products.


A former Amazon marketplace leader turned 8-figure seller

A former Amazon marketplace leader turned 8-figure seller

✋ Say hello to Bearded Egg FBA—a former Amazon marketplace leader turned 8-figure seller. Having previously worked at Amazon, he seamlessly transitioned into being a formidable seller on the platform.

🟢 Why lay your confidence in Bearded Egg FBA: Who could offer better advice than someone who used to work on Amazon? With his insider knowledge, his advanced strategies are more than enough to assist those looking to elevate their businesses.


The skillful Amazon guide

Guides sellers through the intricacies of Amazon

The Buy Box IO started its journey in 2019 and officially became a company in 2021. Its team has been helping new and experienced Amazon sellers navigate the marketplace. 🧭

🟢 Why listen to The Buy Box’s tips: With a team boasting 30 years of combined Amazon selling experience, the company has become a trusted source of knowledge and unique insights for Amazon sellers. In short, it has the expertise you need to thrive on Amazon.


The all-in-one Amazon agency

A seasoned Amazon Agency led by Steven Pope

🧑‍💼My Amazon Guy is a successful Amazon agency led by Steven Pope. It offers a wide variety of services, including full account management, listing optimization, and trademark registration. 

🟢 Why try the Guy: They’ve been in the industry for 3 years, guiding many clients in expanding their businesses. Their feed is a fun mix of informative seller resources and humorous memes about being an Amazon seller—perfect for those who want to stay updated with a smile.

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