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How to boost brand awareness through Amazon On-Box Advertising

For today’s sizzling news platter, we mixed and matched all factors that play in deciding whether you’ll lose or win the selling game.

PS. Happy International Women’s Month! ♀️


With all the ads everywhere, it’s not uncommon for viewers to get ad fatigue. This is why advertisers keep inventing and reinventing their marketing strategies.

Fortunately, Amazon has a unique solution to help sellers keep ads engaging—Amazon On-Box Advertising. SellerApp gave a refresher on how this tactic can boost your brand awareness:

📦 Thinking outside the box

Now, don’t be fooled by its name, because Amazon On-Box Advertising is not limited to boxes. Eligible brands can collaborate with the Amazon Ads team to create interactive, vibrant, and appealing designs for any product packaging!

On-box ads will make for great viral unboxing videos. Plus, they have the following benefits:

  • Improved brand recall. Personalized packaging is the key to an unforgettable delivery.You can also display your brand logo for easy brand recognition.
  • High traffic and conversions. Add links or codes to your ads to direct people to your landing pages. 🖱️
  • Wide audience reach. Powerful visuals don’t need translation and will resonate with young and young-at-heart audiences worldwide.

📌 How to get packing

  • Ensure eligibility. You can reach out to Amazon to check if you’re eligible to use this ad strategy.
  • Follow protocol. Learn the guidelines and policies for Amazon On-box Ads before signing the contract.
  • Get creative. Choose from a variety of designs and types. You can opt for interactive games, simple visuals, or even a story.

If you don’t want your ads to get repetitive and dull, you better try on-box advertising now. Who knows, maybe this will open more omnichannel marketing opportunities for your brand.


A FREE way to secure your cash flow transactions

The road to making money on Amazon is full of sharp turns. For instance, you'd have to navigate around accounting challenges standing between you and a smooth-sailing cash flow.

Unloop knows how exhausting managing your books can get. That's why they devised Unloop Connect—a self-serve app that'll help you brave endless Amazon transactions with ease.

🔢 What can Unloop Connect do?

The main charm of Unloop Connect lies in its ability to automate your accounting process. But aside from this, you can squeeze 4 amazing benefits out of this app:

  • Streamline your transactions by connecting Amazon to QuickBooks Online and letting the app categorize them for you.
  • Monitor how much you're making and spending with organized profit and loss reports.
  • Show off your finances to potential investors with confidence.
  • Complete your bookkeeping conveniently with its easy-to-use interface.

Why should you choose Unloop?

First off, its app is FREE! Who doesn't want an extra hand with crunching numbers without the extra costs?

But if you want a more premium experience, they also offer comprehensive accounting services. You'd have to shed a few dollars, but their team of experts will make it all worth it. They're more than willing to handle your books if the free app seems overwhelming. 🤝

Ready to transform your Amazon accounting journey? Get started with Unloop today and book a 30-minute discovery call!



Consumer says trust is their deciding factor in online shopping

Did you know social media commerce platforms have an 85% trust rating?

Why is this relevant?

Because in a survey result shared by Digital Commerce 360, trust is the deciding factor in ecommerce transactions. What’s more interesting is that trust issues among shoppers weren’t the same as those of sellers.

🖊️ Here are the key findings of the study:

  • Trust issues of shoppers. The main cause of distrust is financial fraud, victimizing 75% of consumers. This is followed by delivery delays (61%), lost payments due to glitches (55%), and frequently receiving damaged goods (42%).
  • Trust issues of sellers. Only 35% of online sellers trust social marketplaces for inventory management, with 70% saying items they sold on social media marketplaces were not delivered in good condition. Other issues include the lack of delivery options (65%) and an overall lack of control over the state of goods (65%).
  • Trust is personal. Because social commerce provides a more personalized online experience than traditional ecommerce, the latter receives a lower trust rating (48%). Understandably, physical stores got a 70% trust rating as products are more easily judged when shopping in person. 🛒
  • Trust varies. 46% of Gen Z were comfortable with buying on social media. However, only 30% of millennials, 22% of Gen Xers, and 0% of baby boomers are willing to do the same.

What do these numbers mean?

Simple—if you plan on selling on social media marketplaces, you have to be reliable and credible. After all, winning customers’ trust is key to running an online business for a long time. 🗝️


4 steps to be a successful affiliate marketer

If you’re just starting to build an online business this year, affiliate marketing is a solid starting point. And did you know you can easily do this even without a website?

But first, what’s affiliate marketing?

GetResponse defined affiliate marketing as endorsing products online in exchange for a commission. For instance, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, Amazon Associates, gives as much as 10% in associate commissions. 💸

If you’re interested in starting this venture, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Find a niche. Marketing is easier if you target a specific group, such as teachers, young professionals, fashion enthusiasts, etc.
  • Publish quality content. Content is what keeps audiences coming back.
  • Join affiliate programs. Some pay per sale, while others pay per lead.
  • Add affiliate links. Add your designated affiliate links to your posts. Remember to be transparent about your affiliation to avoid trust issues.

🤔 Should big brand owners do affiliate marketing?

If you already have a proven and tested marketing scheme, you can just stick and polish it. But if you want to experience this marketing tactic, you can hire content creators and influencers as affiliates to promote your brand.

What do you think? Does your business need to have an affiliate program? Do share your plans by replying to this email! ✍️

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