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Can your Brand Registry application be rejected over and over again?

Whether you’re a big or small ecommerce brand, you may still find yourself looking for tips to grow your business. It’s part of the entrepreneurial mindset—always looking to be a bigger and better brand.

And because it’s our mission to help you achieve that, we collated yet another informative and insightful menu of ecommerce headlines:


Ever felt like you're stuck in a loop with no way out? That's exactly how one seller felt after facing repeated rejections for their Brand Registry application.

💔 How is that possible? Here's what happened as shared on Seller Central:

  • On February 9, 2024, the seller submitted their application but shortly received rejection due to issues with verifying their business credentials.
  • Although confused, OP re-applied and submitted all relevant information, including company name, address, tax ID, etc.
  • However, they received another rejection on February 20. This time, there are 5 reasons labeled A to E, with only the reason of not having "sufficient evidence of branding on products/packaging" seems like a plausible explanation. 🤔
  • Desperate for clarity, they reached out for help and got a case number. Yet 10 days passed and they received no response!
  • So, they tried to start a new application. However, the system won't let the seller continue as their "brand is still under review."

What's a baffled seller to do?

They head to other seller forums to ask for advice. An Amazon rep swooped in to assist with the concern. After getting the relevant department’s response, the rep was unable to disclose further information about the rejection but shared guidance for some common pitfalls:

  • Invalid documents: Make sure your paperwork ticks all the right boxes.
  • Manufacturing agreement woes: Invoices won't cut it—Amazon wants the real documents.
  • Authenticity matters: Don't even think about forging those papers!
  • Attorney troubles: If your trademark lawyer's in hot water, Amazon's not having it.
  • Account health check: Keep those metrics in check, or risk the rejection hammer.

📍 If you’re facing Brand Registry blues, it’s important to stay resilient. Review those application requirements with a fine-tooth comb and don’t just mirror your previous applications to avoid landing back at square one.


The best way to beat demanding Amazon selling requirements

The best way to beat demanding Amazon selling requirements

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Key takeaways from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Key takeaways from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Amazon’s recently concluded Big Spring Sale last March 20–25, 2024 wasn’t as big as Prime Day—but it still had some exciting stats. For starters, discounts reached as high as 60% on electronics, garden gear, cleaning supplies, and more. 💸

But what does this mean for the future of spring shopping? 

To answer this, Chain Store Age listed the key takeaways from the groundbreaking sale:

  • The competition heats up. While Amazon led the charge with its Big Spring Sale, other major retailers didn't miss the chance to hop on the spring sales bandwagon:
    • Walmart's Super Spring Savings Week featured thousands of discounted products online and in-store, which were open to ALL shoppers, not just members. 
    • Target also had The Spring Sale, which featured goods 20% to 50% off. 
  • The low-key promotion drew in shoppers. Unlike Prime Day of Black Friday, Amazon didn’t overhype the promotion of its spring sale. Interestingly, the modest marketing efforts attracted about 36% of U.S. shoppers. 👀
  • Spring sales are probably here to stay. Amazon hasn't confirmed whether the Big Spring Sale will become an annual tradition. But it's likely we'll see more retailers hopping on the spring sale trend in the coming years.

🌼 The rise of spring sales gives you a golden opportunity to boost your sales. So, take advantage of this trend and watch your business bloom.


How to get started with online arbitrage to maximize sales

How to get started with online arbitrage to maximize sales

Last time, we divulged the ins and outs of being a private-label seller. However, some entrepreneurs may prefer being resellers for easier, less costly business management. 👌

If you’re one of them, here are the points Sageseller wants you to ponder about one of Amazon’s lucrative reselling models, online arbitrage(OA):

  • InOA, you purchase goods from one retailer and resell them on Amazon (usually for a higher price). 
  • Sourcing products is the most important step for OA because, unlike other models that depend on manufacturers/suppliers, it depends on retailers. You can visit local clearance and discount bins to find goods or use online arbitrage websites or seller tools for product leads. 
  • Leverage Amazon FBAso you don’t worry about packaging and fulfilling orders. You can also opt for Amazon FBM if you want more control over your packaging. 📦
  • You don’t need to create new listings if your product is already on Amazon, which is most likely the case for OA). You’ll just be added to the list of sellers for that product.

Should you go for OA?

There are pros and cons to any business model, OA included. With this model, your product selection and inventory levels will be limited—but you’ll only need a small capital to get started.

Also, the rule of OA is simple: buy low and sell high. Essentially, it boils down to how hard and smart you can hustle.

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