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Amazon-approved ad trends to make a killer marketing plan

After product sourcing, product launching, and product listing, we now shine the spotlight on the part that’ll define if you can sell your product (or not)—product marketing.

Everyone’s got their game face on, charging with creativity and daring spirits. Today, we’ll tell you how to stand out in the cutthroat marketing competition.


The ecommerce battle is a contest of two things: good products and flawless marketing. We’ve already covered how to win the first one, so we’re now gonna talk about the second one.

Product marketing isn't just listing the features and benefits of your product. It's about crafting a compelling product narrative and convincing customers that it's exactly what they need.

🌊 To help you do that, here are 5 trends Amazon Ads predicts will make waves in the marketing scene in 2024:

1. Generative AI

With generative AI taking the spotlight, content creation has never been easier. Adding AI-powered image generators to the mix, brands can have endless possibilities to enhance their content and ad visuals.

According to a 2023 survey, more than 70% of CMOs are embracing AI. It seems like advertising's future is driven by algorithms and innovation. 🤖

2. Sustainable media

With the world becoming more conscious of its carbon footprint, sustainability is now a business imperative. Consumers showed a growing interest in eco-friendly brands, with a 6% increase since 2022.

This puts the spotlight on media sustainability, pushing brands to walk the talk and show real commitment to a greener future.

3. Streaming TV

As viewers flock to platforms like Prime Video, advertisers are following suit. With ad-supported streaming on the rise and partnerships between media giants and ad agencies, the opportunities for brands to shine on the small screen are endless.

4. Live sports

From touchdowns to slam dunks, live sports continue to captivate audiences, even young ones. And with the rise of interactive video ads, brands are scoring big by engaging viewers in real-time action.

5. Addressability and relevance

With the impending demise of third-party cookies, the era of hyper-targeted ads is undergoing a major makeover. But don't worry, because you can harness AI and cookie-less technologies like contextual targeting to deliver personalized messages without compromising user privacy.

Ready for these trends?

You better be! Sure, change can be a bit uncomfortable at first. But once you break it in like new shoes, you’ll surely make some noise with your killer marketing game. 🎯


A FREE way to secure your cash flow transactions

The road to making money on Amazon is full of sharp turns. For instance, you'd have to navigate around accounting challenges standing between you and a smooth-sailing cash flow.

Unloop knows how exhausting managing your books can get. That's why they devised Unloop Connect—a self-serve app that'll help you brave endless Amazon transactions with ease.

🔢 What can Unloop Connect do?

The main charm of Unloop Connect lies in its ability to automate your accounting process. But aside from this, you can squeeze 4 amazing benefits out of this app:

  • Streamline your transactions by connecting Amazon to QuickBooks Online and letting the app categorize them for you.
  • Monitor how much you're making and spending with organized profit and loss reports.
  • Show off your finances to potential investors with confidence.
  • Complete your bookkeeping conveniently with its easy-to-use interface.

Why should you choose Unloop?

First off, its app is FREE! Who doesn't want an extra hand with crunching numbers without the extra costs?

But if you want a more premium experience, they also offer comprehensive accounting services. You'd have to shed a few dollars, but their team of experts will make it all worth it. They're more than willing to handle your books if the free app seems overwhelming. 🤝

Ready to transform your Amazon accounting journey? Get started with Unloop today and book a 30-minute discovery call!



6 reasons to try in-game advertising

When we say advertising, many think about billboards, TV spots, and online banners. News flash—there are other equally effective advertising strategies out there!

🎮 For instance, there’s in-game advertising (IGA). With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, this new marketing dimension would help you tap into the large and diverse gaming community.

Here are 6 more reasons why you should dive into IGA, as listed by Eskimi:

  • Diverse audience: Forget the stereotypes—gamers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. In-game ads let you reach them all!
  • High viewability: Most of the time, gamers can’t scroll past these ads. That means eyeballs glued to screens and your message front and center. 👁️
  • Accurate targeting: Because games usually have specific audiences, airing your ads in them lets you target your ideal demographic with laser precision.
  • Boosted brand awareness: Stand out and leave a lasting impression on players with immersive ad experiences.
  • Enhanced gameplay: Think real product placements that make the gaming experience even more immersive.
  • Data-driven insights: You can track your campaign performance and optimize future strategies with transparent measurement metrics.

💡 Common types of in-game ads

  • Blended in-game adsare integrated into the gaming environment for a non-intrusive experience.
    • Format: Display and video banners and audio ads
  • Around-the-game ads engage players with ads that enhance the gaming experience without interrupting gameplay.
  • Away-from-the-game ads broaden your reach beyond the gaming realm.
    • Format: Streaming and influencer marketing

🏁 Are you up for the challenge?

As the gaming community continues to expand, so do the opportunities for you to increase brand exposure. So, grab your controller (or keyboard) and level up your advertising game!


The perfect marketing pair to grow your brand

In today's fast-paced digital world, reaching your audience means meeting them where they hang out online. But think like your customers for a moment and ask yourself—don’t you miss receiving a personalized postcard in the mail?


⚓ While digital marketing has become a norm nowadays, tossing out traditional marketing ideas might cause you to miss out on valuable touchpoints with your audience. Business.com explained why you should blend these two instead to elevate your brand's presence:

  • Less noise, more impact. In the noisy digital world, customers can get overwhelmed by online ads and emails. Traditional channels offer a quieter, less crowded space where your message can stand out.
  • The omnichannel imperative. Customers crave seamless experiences online and offline. By blending traditional and digital, you are where your customers are—whether it's on their screens or in their neighborhoods.
  • Personalization with a twist. Look at what Adidas did. They added QR codes to sneakers and then created a personalized Spotify playlist experience tied to customers' locations.
  • Convenience is key. In today's hustle and bustle, convenience is king. Reinforce in-store experiences with a mobile app where your customers can view and redeem digital perks.

Moral lesson: Mix and match

Don't let your marketing strategy fall flat. With traditional and digital channels becoming more accessible than ever, there's never been a better time to mix things up to amplify your brand’s voice. 📢

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