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Amazon FBA lost $6,000 worth of inventory—should you worry about yours?

Weekends are for relaxing after a week of hustling and bustling. But if you’re using this time to think about what business risks you’ll face on Amazon, take a look at our week-ender menu of the platform’s recent issues:


Amazon is known for its seamless FBA fulfillment model. However, shipping issues can still occur due to external and uncontrollable factors.

😶‍🌫️ Take a look at a recent FBA fiasco shared by an Amazon seller in the seller forums, which involved $6,000 of lost inventory! Here’s what happened:

  • The seller dropped off a package containing 103 units of inventory weighing 33 lbs. at an FBA Fulfillment Center. The retail value is $6,000.
  • UPS tracking data says “RECEIVED,” but Amazon claimed they received zero units.
  • The seller submitted all necessary documents and proof of delivery. Amazon opened an investigation but stood by its claim of not receiving the package.
  • What’s worse is that the seller’s coaching level is now “Critical” because of the “wrong” inventory records.

An Amazon representative jumped in to check the case number. As of February 16, 2024, the case is still marked ACTIVE, but the seller updated last February 20 that they were successfully reimbursed for the lost inventory. Sadly, their coaching level remains Critical.

💡 What should you do if this happens to you?

First things first, visit FBA’s guidelines for lost or delayed shipments. Then:

  • Submit a Reconciliation Request. Before doing so, check if your shipment is eligible for investigation on the Contents tab of the Shipment summary page.
    • If your shipment is eligible, you need to provide shipping documentation (proof of inventory ownership and proof of delivery).
  • If you believe your inventory was lost on its way to Amazon, provide the drop-off receipt or proof of pick-up from the carrier to support your claim.

This case shows that no matter how sophisticated Amazon’s fulfillment system is, packages can still get lost. So, whether you use FBA, FBM, or other third-party fulfillment, best to stay organized and vigilant in monitoring your logistics operation.


Why should you automate your Amazon accounting

Why should you automate your Amazon accounting

The road to making money on Amazon is full of sharp turns. For instance, you'd have to navigate around accounting challenges standing between you and a smooth-sailing cash flow.

Unloop knows how exhausting managing your books can get. That's why they devised Unloop Connect—a self-serve app that'll help you brave endless Amazon transactions with ease.

🔢 What can Unloop Connect do?

The main charm of Unloop Connect lies in its ability to automate your accounting process. But aside from this, you can squeeze 4 amazing benefits out of this app:

  • Streamline your transactions by connecting Amazon to QuickBooks Online and letting the app categorize them for you.
  • Monitor how much you're making and spending with organized profit and loss reports.
  • Show off your finances to potential investors with confidence.
  • Complete your bookkeeping conveniently with its easy-to-use interface.

Why should you choose Unloop?

First off, its app is FREE! Who doesn't want an extra hand with crunching numbers without the extra costs?

But if you want a more premium experience, they also offer comprehensive accounting services. You'd have to shed a few dollars, but their team of experts will make it all worth it. They're more than willing to handle your books if the free app seems overwhelming. 🤝

Ready to transform your Amazon accounting journey? Get started with Unloop today and book a 30-minute discovery call!



Gen Zs are getting tired of Amazon

Gen Zs are getting tired of Amazon

Amazon is losing ground with the younger generation. According to an article from Chain Store Age, Gen Z shoppers are planning to spend less on the platform.


  • 47% are actively trying to shop less with Amazon.
  • 60% feel that Amazon is too powerful (meaning other platforms should share the spotlight).
  • 39% are “tired of hearing” about Amazon.

💭 What gives?

Diana Smith, associate director and client advisor of retail & e-commerce at Mintel, points out that Gen Zs:

Therefore, Amazon’s appeal to the masses makes it difficult for them to be Gen Z’s first choice. 🙅

What can you do about it?

You can still reach and attract Gen Z consumers by utilizing social media. Many may not be fond of using Amazon, but 73% use TikTok to discover new brands and products.

📍 Pro tip: Use campaigns with simple but clear messages, preferably with wit and humor. This way, you can promote your products without the hard sell.


7 steps to become an expert social marketer

7 steps to become an expert social marketer

When was the last time you updated your social media strategy?

📱 If you need a refresher on social media tactics, take a good look at Social Media Today’s list of social media management tricks:

  • Identify your audience. Then, build buyer personas based on their preferences and buying goals.
  • Choose relevant platforms. Meet your buyers where they hang out. But make sure you also choose a platform that aligns with your vision.
  • Create your content calendar—specifically what and when to publish. Also, keep it flexible so you can quickly jump on social trends and happenings.
  • Tinker with tools. Leverage technology to create engaging content. For instance, abandon MS Paint ASAP as everyone is moving on with Canva.
  • Post on schedule via social media software. Scheduling your posts with post management tools allows for auto-publishing content on the dates and times you want even when you’re not online.
  • Engage timely and genuinely. It’s called “social media” for a reason—you need to get social daily by posting helpful insights at relevant times.
  • Analyze and adjust. Use analytics tools to identify which posts are working and which aren’t. Then, change your tactics according to customer feedback and demands.

The best ecommerce brands didn’t reach the top by using passive marketing. But they didn’t succeed through overly aggressive tactics either. The key is building a solid marketing foundation with the tips above.

So, are you ready to be an expert social marketer? 🫵

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