What type of Amazon marketing agency do you need?
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  • March 15, 2024
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What type of Amazon marketing agency do you need?

Here’s a food for thought: is tech-rich ecommerce marketing better than the traditional approach? It’s definitely more complicated, but does it deliver superior results?

While you’re pondering on that, take a quick look at some of the hottest marketing stories we compiled:


In the past, sellers only needed to worry about properly listing their products. Today, SEO and other optimization have become necessary. Not to mention AI, which eased customer-facing tasks but complicated seller-facing ones.

It can seem overwhelming for sellers, especially brands that just started to scale up. Thankfully, there are marketing agencies that offer partial or full account management. 🤝

To help you decide which agency to choose, Influencer Marketing Hub lists down the top Amazon marketing agencies according to what they’re best at:

1. Sellozo

  • Best for: AI-driven Amazon ad optimization
  • Key features: AI-driven platform and full account management, Amazon PPC management, AI bid automation, dayparting, DSP management, and a marketing streamlining tool called Campaign Studio
  • Pricing: Flat-fee pricing (actual fees given upon request)

2. Duck.Design

  • Best for: Amazon storefront optimization and graphic design
  • Key features: A talent pool focused on customized storefronts and graphic design services, no-code designs, and a wide variety of storefront optimization materials
  • Pricing: Minimum of $999 per project, with unlimited requests for brand profiles and revisions

3. The Goat Agency

  • Best for: Influencer marketing for medium and large brands
  • Key features: Influencer marketing content production, product page optimization, Amazon community management, and optimization and analysis of marketing campaigns. 
  • Pricing: Minimum of $50,000 per project

4. Digital Operative (DO)

  • Best for: Strategizing and targeting
  • Key Features: Omnichannel strategies and fulfillment and ecommerce planning and development
  • Pricing: $150 to $199 per hour; minimum spend of $50,000 per project

5. Rank Media Agency

  • Best for: Brand marketing
  • Key Features: Influencer marketing, brand building and creatives, PPC, and SEO services
  • Pricing: $100 to $149 per hour; minimum spend of $5,000 per project

Didn’t hit what you’re looking for? Then, we suggest you go through the full list to find your dream team! ✨



Word-of-mouth marketing is the answer to rising ad costs

Word-of-mouth marketing is the answer to rising ad costs

Advertising and marketing are facing a crisis. 


Because of rising acquisition costs, sunsetting of third-party cookies, and declining returns from once profitable ad channels.

🗣️ With traditional paths being blocked, brands are letting the consumers do the marketing. As highlighted by WebWire, here are the reasons why brands are resorting to word-of-mouth (WOM) tactics to achieve sustainable growth:’

  • Gen Z audiences crave authenticity and low-fidelity content. 
  • People trust familiar faces and peers, with 69% of buyers trusting influencer recommendations.
  • Social media platforms are now search, content, and point-of-purchase powerhouses.
  • User-generated content (UGC) is highly driving both traffic and sales.

How do you make the most of WOM?

Overall, the shift to WOM commerce is an opportunity to connect with your customers affordably and sustainably. To maximize the perks, combine it with other tactics like collaborating with influencers and engaging in social media.

But most importantly, promote and share honest content—and let your audiences take care of the rest.


7 ways to spread the word about your brand

7 ways to spread the word about your brand

Speaking of WOM marketing, Jungle Scout recently shared several ways for brands to get some genuine words from customers on Amazon:

  • Use an Amazon-vetoed third-party software. One example is Jungle Scout’s Review Automation, which automates the Seller Central review request process for Jungle Scout users.
  • Request a review through Seller Central. You can manually request reviews within 4 to 30 days of purchase.
  • Enroll in the Amazon Vine Program to have trusted reviewers post honest insights into your product.
  • Send “Permitted Messagesasking for genuine reviews from buyers.
  • Build a community off Amazon via email subscription or social media. This way, customers can directly tag or send you their rants or raves.
  • Maximize your product insertsby including messages that ask buyers to share feedback.
  • Mitigate negative reviews by providing proactive customer service.

📣 Then, once you get these coveted social proofs, share them in your channels. This will get the buzz going around your brand and ensure your (brand) voice is heard loud and clear.

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