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What is a brand strategy and how do you create a strong one?

Are you familiar with the top 20 companies with the most iconic branding?  Don’t worry if you’re not, because today isn’t about them—it’s about how you can become one of them!

From crafting your brand strategy to launching your brand, let our branding recipe guide you in becoming better sellers AND brand owners.


Do you know what sets a remarkable brand apart from forgettable ones?

📄 It’s brand strategy—the blueprint that shapes how your brand walks, talks, and charms its way into the hearts of your customers! That’s why it’s essential to keep your brand cohesive, as emphasized by Shopify.

Why does brand strategy matter?

Without a solid brand strategy, your business could become that background movie character that viewers can't even remember once the credits roll. A solid brand strategy is your ticket to:

To craft a potent brand strategy, consider integrating these 4 essential elements:

  • Brand purpose - the reason why your brand exists beyond making a profit.
    • How to set it up: Brainstorm with your team to identify what value you want to give to your target customers. 🫴
  • Market analysis and target audience - who you’re talking to and who else is trying to win their hearts and wallets.
    • How to set it up: Dive deep into your market and audience to find what makes your customers tick and how you can stand out in a sea of competitors.
  • Brand consistency - how you’ll ensure that customers get the same vibe (your vibe!) whether browsing your website or scrolling through your social media channels.
    • How to set it up: Maintain consistent elements in your marketing campaigns (language, tone, visual components, etc.). 🎤
  • Flexibility - how you plan to adapt to changes in trends and consumer behavior.
    • How to set it up: Make some room for adjustments. After all, even the coolest brands need a makeover now and then.

And there you have it—the lowdown on brand strategy! Armed with these insights, you’re ready to create a brand that transcends mere recognition, becoming a force to be reckoned with. ⚡


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*Source: Walmart first-party data, 2021-22

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Where should you launch your brand—website or social media?

Where should you launch your brand—website or social media?

When plotting out your brand strategy, deciding where to launch your brand is also part of the equation. So, you've got to weigh which platforms will really make your brand pop. 🍾

Neklo dug deep into the nitty-gritty of social media-based versus website-based business to help you decide which direction to take:

🖥️ Website

  • Getting started: Launching your business with a website allows you to quickly market your brand. Just choose from any of the platforms offering ready-made templates, web hosting, domain names, and built-in analytics.
  • Benefits/Pros: You can customize your page by mixing and matching templates, themes, plugins, and extensions. Plus, websites can cast a wide net with organic search, contextual ads, and blogging.
  • Disadvantages/Cons: Template-based website builders might hit a snag when things get complex. Also, launching ad campaigns for standalone websites may require expertise.

📱 Social media

  • Getting started: Social media platforms offer easy setup for business pages. This allows you to broadcast your brand’s presence immediately without extra special skills.
  • Benefits/Pros: These platforms have a low entry threshold and great usability—at no extra costs! And, they're a goldmine for reaching more audiences. Just slap on some hashtags and send out invites and you're on your way to growing your brand.
  • Disadvantages/Cons: There's a limit to creativity, potentially making brands look generic. The competition is also fierce as just about every business has social media pages. Without payment options and shopping carts, you might find it hard to get customers to seal the deal.

🔎 Which one should you choose?

Both strategies have their merits. To make sure you're making the right call, think about your time frames, budget, and specific business requirements.

Each option serves different purposes, so take a second (or more) to think it through for a successful business game plan.


How to build a winning brand launch strategy according to Amazon

How to build a winning brand launch strategy according to Amazon

Your brand strategy doesn't stop at picking a platform. There are a whole lot of things you need to do and consider before launching—strategy, creativity, timing, and many more.

 🔥 Whether you're just starting or giving your brand a glow-up, Amazon Ads dropped 7 tips to help ensure your launch is a smash hit:

  • Know thy audience. Before diving into anything else, you have to know who you're talking to. Understanding your customers is key to cooking up a brand that they’ll gobble up.
  • Get your brand identity on point. Your logo, your website, your social media vibe—they all matter. Invest time in crafting a cohesive brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Map out your launch strategy from start to finish. Be prepared for every step of the journey—before, during, and after the launch.
  • Create a timeline, preferably one that spans beyond the big day. This way, you'll know exactly when to pop the champagne and when to kick things into high gear. ⚙️
  • Get creative. Sure, your brand might be amazing, but how do you show it off? Get creative with your assets—think eye-catching photos and high-quality videos.
  • Hype it up. Why wait for the launch to start making noise? Get influencers on board, run some ad campaigns, and forge strategic partnerships. Make sure the world knows something big is coming. 🌍
  • Amp up your ads. Launching a brand without advertising is like trying to ride a bike with no wheels—it just doesn't work. So, set up measurable campaigns that'll get your brand in front of the right eyes at the right time.

🎨 Launching a brand is equal parts science and art. So, aside from following these tips, don't ever hold back on ideas to make your brand strategy the talk of the town.

Do you have a unique brand launch strategy? Feel free to share it with us by replying to this email! 🖱️

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