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TikTok Shop now dominates social shopping

Have you heard the news? Temu is aiming for a faster-than-Amazon delivery! Its strategy of shipping from U.S. warehouses can reportedly turn this ambition into reality.

Speaking of speedy delivery, our ambition is to get you up to speed on the freshest, most intriguing happenings in the online retail scene—just like the following:



September 2023 marked a turning point in social media history with the entrance of TikTok Shop in the U.S. Now, scrolling through the platform could lead you down a rabbit hole of irresistible purchases.

From gadgets to gourmet goods, TikTok Shop's virtual aisles have it all. That’s why RetailDive concluded that the young retail platform isn't just another player in social commerce—it's a dominant force.

🔢 TikTok Shop’s numbers

Here are some of the key statistics uncovered by Earnest Analytics' survey, covering the 12 months leading up to February 2024:

  • TikTok Shop accounted for 68% of the social shopping gross merchandise value (GMV). To put that in perspective, Instagram Checkout, Facebook Shop, and Flip App barely made a dent, totaling less than 1% combined.
  • However, its customers aren't loyal to the platform only. They also shop at Amazon (97%), Etsy (55%), Temu (39%), Old Navy (38%), Shein (37%), and eBay (32%).
  • 81% of TikTok Shop sales were from repeat customers. Back in November 2023, it was only 64%.

Ban wait…

Just when TikTok was riding high on its shopping success, a serious threat looms on the horizon due to the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act proposed by House Representatives Mike Gallagher and Raja Krishnamoorthi. If the act is passed, it might force parent company ByteDance to sell TikTok or face a ban.

TikTok's response? They're fighting back with an ad campaign, reminding everyone why U.S. shoppers love the app.


How to source top-notch social proof

How to source top-notch social proof

UGC for TikTok, Meta, and Amazon Ads drives higher conversions because it’s full of social proof - but how can you easily source high-quality UGC at scale? 

Enter Insense

Insense is the leading platform for UGC and influencer marketing, trusted by 1,500+ brands including Malouf, Rankster, and Upper Echelon Products. 

“We tested 20+ platforms before Insense, we love how we can manage all our campaigns and get content in only 2 weeks” - Paul Harvey, Rankster 

Insense stands out because: 

  • Creators apply to you: responsive UGC creators apply directly to your campaigns in minutes 
  • Delivered in 10 days: receive high-performing UGC for organic + paid social 
  • Simplified admin work: automated influencer agreements, payments, and digital content usage rights 
  • Money-back guarantee: if an influencer ghosts 
  • Repeat + long-term collabs: build relationships with influencers and UGC creators 

Try it now! 

Book a free 1-2-1 strategy call by April 12 and get $200 for your first campaign.



Consumers are browsing but not buying—how do you get them to do both?

Consumers are browsing but not buying—how do you get them to do both?

Running an online store can feel like sailing through choppy waters. And one of the biggest ‘waves’ to overcome is cart abandonment.

📊 In a report by PYMNTS, shoppers abandon their carts 8 times a month on average, causing brand sites to suffer. Here are other interesting findings from the report:

  • Age plays a role in cart abandonment. Millennials abandon carts the most, followed by Gen Zs. A bit surprisingly, baby boomers and seniors abandon carts less frequently. This shows that older online shoppers are more likely to buy, while younger ones are more likely to browse without checking out.
  • Clothing and accessories are the most often left behind, particularly by millennials and Gen Zs. On the other hand, essentials like groceries and big-ticket items see lower abandonment rates across all age groups.

How do you stop customers from ditching their carts?

If you're tired of seeing those carts abandoned like old news, here are some pro tips: 

  • Make paying a breeze. Simplify the checkout process, offer guest checkout options, and provide multiple payment methods. The easier it is to complete a purchase, the less likely customers will jump ship.
  • Personalize the shopping experience. Recommend related products or offer discounts to entice customers back to their abandoned carts. A little personal touch can go a long way in winning back lost sales.
  • Monitor your cart abandonment rate regularly. Stay proactive by analyzing trends and identifying areas for improvement.

🛒 Cart abandonment is inevitable in ecommerce. However, you can effectively dodge it by using the smart strategies above to turn those abandoned carts into successful checkouts.


4 steps to create your Prime Day social media calendar

4 steps to create your Prime Day social media calendar

As talks about Prime Day 2024 get louder by the day, the unwritten rule to polish your strategies ASAP is in effect. And to start the hype around your products early, the best way to start is to map out your social media moves. 💃

To help you do this, HubSpot has a 4-step guide for creating a versatile social media calendar:

  • Conduct a social media auditto identify which social channels work for you and where to improve.
    • Review your performance metrics, especially your engagement, clicks, and conversions.
    • List the relevant KPIs for your social media campaigns.
    • Check out what and how other brands are sharing content.
  • Choose a social media channel—and make sure the type of content you produce aligns with your choice.
    • Know your target audience and their platform(s) of choice.
    • Set your creative budget.
    • Plan what content to create per channel.
  • Decide what goes into your calendarand organize accordingly.
    • Remember three things: channel (Ex. Instagram), content (Ex. videos), and schedule (Ex. 1 PM daily)
    • Try color coding to better organize your schedule.
    • Expand your content calendar when necessary.
  • Get feedback from your team or the stakeholders who want to see what you have up your sleeve. This way, you can make improvements as early as needed.

💡 Bonus tip: Use planning tools

There are a lot of calendar software and tools available now. Some can even connect to your socials and publish your content as scheduled—use them to make your life easier.

Do you have a social media calendar? Feel free to share tips and recommended tools by hitting that reply button! 🔘

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