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Seller lost $1,000 due to a fraudulent return

It’s a great era to be a small business owner.

A survey revealed that U.S. shoppers are willing to shed $2,000 more to make sure their favorite local shops stay open. Isn’t that sweet? 🍭

But regardless of the size of your business, the key to being shoppers’ favorite is to keep your eyes and ears out to monitor consumer trends and behaviors. And of course, we’re always glad to assist.


Fraudulent returns can have a significant negative impact on your business. Unfortunately, it's a problem that many sellers are all too familiar with.

A seller recently shared on Seller Central how a fraudulent return cost them $1,000! 💸

What happened?

  • A customer initiated a return for a tool priced at around $950 to $1100.
  • However, when the seller opened the return package, they were surprised to see an old, damaged tool instead of the new one they sent to the customer.
  • Upon further inspection, the serial numbers didn’t match, and the seller realized the customer had sent back something they’d never sold in the first place!

🥊 Sellers vs. fraudulent returns

Other sellers chimed in and shared similar struggles with frequent fraudulent returns. They also shared some ways to deal with this issue:

  • Take lots of photos of the items and serial numbers to secure supporting evidence.
  • Open a case for FBA returns reimbursement and upload all relevant evidence.
  • Charge a restocking fee for returned items materially different from what was sold.
  • Report the fraudulent return as theft and contact the authorities.

📌 Gentle reminder

If you ever run into this sticky situation, don't wait around! Make sure to file your counteractions right away and report the fraud. It helps protect your business while keeping fraudsters in check and the marketplace fair for everyone.


Boost your sales with these 3 very straightforward PPC tips

You’ve probably read through dozens of Amazon Pay-Per-Click tips. But trust us when we say that this time, we’re giving you tips you can use to grow your sales. Best thing about it? It’s straightforward and no fuss. implements these 3 PPC strategies to enhance their client’s sales.

1. Initiate a down-only campaign targeting long-term keywords. 

  • Set a low bid of $0.02, but aim to appear at the top of search results by bidding 200 to 500 percent higher (put 200-500 percent at the top of the place).
  • Monitor performance every 72 hours, and if there are no impressions, increase the bid percentage by at least 50%. 

2. Implement the "Dvir Golden Nugget Trick” (aka an EZ-commerce secret!) 

  • Create an automatic campaign targeting "close match". 
  • Start with a modest bid of $0.02. Incrementally raise the bid by 20% every 96 hours or 4 days.
  • Once the bid cost approaches $1, reset to $0.02 and repeat the process. You’ll see sales with a very low ACOS that will lower your account's total advertising cost of sales or ACOS. 

3. Generate a coupon code offering at least a 20% discount. 

  • The code should be valid from the current date plus 2 days, and run for 30 days. 
  • Run the "abandoned cart" Brand Tailor promotion to re-engage these abandoned customers who will buy your product with the coupon code now. 

Happy with these tips? Reach out to EZ-commerce.Net to get more tips and an account audit!

Give me more PPC tips!


  • Price Cuts: Walmart and Target are slashing prices—a hopeful sign that inflation’s cooling down.
  • Serving Shoppers: Advertisers can buy access to Walmart's shoppers.
  • Disaster Proof: Here’s how to keep your business running even during times of disaster.


Why do people buy from small businesses?

At the core of any successful small business lies its customers. They're not just faces in the crowd—they're the ones who keep the lights on and the doors open. By understanding their motivations and preferences, you're paving the way for long-term success.

📖 The Ascent reported survey insights that shed light on why customers choose to support small businesses.

  • Location and convenience. Small businesses are close by and easy to reach, which customers love. In fact, 49% of customers prefer local establishments simply because they're accessible.
  • Product quality. What small businesses lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality. A solid 45% of customers are drawn to the meticulous attention to detail small businesses provide. 🔍
  • Reasonable prices. Small businesses may seem more expensive than mass-producing companies. But surprisingly, 43% of consumers choose small businesses for their prices. They believe small businesses can offer better prices, especially during economic fluctuations.
  • Local community support. A notable 41% of customers consciously choose to support local businesses. To them, you’re not just a business—you’re part of the neighborhood.
  • Local economic impact. Customers value the role of small businesses in driving local economic growth and job creation. Consequently, 38% of customers prefer to spend their money where it directly impacts their community's prosperity.

Rooting for the underdog

If you're ever worried about being drowned out by big-box competitors, don't fret. Turns out, 78% of consumers prefer the warm, fuzzy feeling of a mom-and-pop shop over a soulless corporate giant.

One thing you can do to fuel this support is to root for your business too. Connect with your community, share your story, and give customers a reason to trust you. 🤝


An easier way to create Amazon ads through Canva

If you’re using Canva to create content for Amazon, your job just got easier. Amazon Ads Tech Evangelist Jeffrey Cohen recently announced the beta launch of Canva Connect.

What’s awesome about it?

Canva Connect will allow you to:

Overall, this saves time and effort when creating Amazon content and designs. 👏

Want in?

If you’re an Amazon Ads partner, you can reach out directly to Cohen for beta access. Otherwise, stay tuned for when the public release will be—we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear something. 👂

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