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FTC finds Amazon jacking up prices on sellers

It’s officially the start of the spring season. And just as flowers start to bloom, our collection of fresh ecommerce news and updates continues to boom. 🍃



Five months after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, the agency uncovered new revelations from the retailer’s unredacted financial materials. As reported by The Atlantic, Amazon's image of operating on slim profit margins is an illusion!

👀 How so? Here’s the scoop:

And here’s the plot twist: the FTC points out that sellers match fees on other websites just to maintain a presence on Amazon. This happens because Amazon's pricing algorithm checks prices on other platforms when deciding who gets the Buy Box!

🐄 Are 3P sellers just cash cows?

As the case unfolds, it starts to raise important questions about the retail giant's treatment of sellers like you.

Are you partners in a mutually beneficial ecosystem, or are you being milked for profits? 💭

While Amazon denies the claims, the redacted profit figures seem to paint a conflicting picture. If the allegations are true, you should be asking another important question: Is the ecommerce competition really fair for everyone?



Amazon may have another Spring Sale—should you participate?

Last year, Amazon surprised shoppers with the first-ever Spring Sale! From March 27–29, 2023, shoppers—even non-Prime members—were treated to deals up to 40% off!

Now that it’s March again, a recent post by PhoneArena hinted that it’s “very possible” for another spring sale to happen in the last week of the month! 🌸

Want to participate?

There may not be enough time to run PPC campaigns or submit deals for Amazon’s approval in case the spring bonanza pushes through. But you can still tweak your Amazon store to fit the season by:

  • Getting creative. March has many holidays, including Easter and International Women’s Month. Optimize your store’s visuals (banner, logo, etc.) by adding a touch of spring and festivity.
  • Curating a catalog. You may not be able to run deals, but you can still feature and promote items in your store. Use the product collection tile to showcase your spring-themed or spring-related products.
  • Being vocal. Make sure your CTAs are loud and clear. Don’t forget to use memorable phrases to attract attention.

💡 Now, here’s another idea: Hold a spring-themed sale yourself! Aside from a potential increase in engagements, this could also help you make decent cash out of old inventory.

So, do you want to ride on Amazon’s sales events, or do you want to take the risk and have one on your own? Tell us your plan by replying to this email! 📩


How to create product bundles on Amazon

Speaking of sales, product bundles are a foolproof strategy used by Amazon sellers to attract customers during these events. In case you decide to host your own spring sale, here’s how you should bundle items, according to Jungle Scout:

🛍️ Should you bundle your products?


It’s not just convenient for your shoppers—it's also more profitable for you. Besides, customers are willing to pay extra for the convenience of a bundled pack, giving you a huge edge over your competitors.

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