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AI-generated influencers might replace human influencers on TikTok

There is growing tension between the U.S. and China, which experts say could start a huge ecommerce feud. And believe it or not, even Amazon is struggling to be the top player in the industry.

Just as the retail giant is ready to fight “anywhere,” so should you—because the ecommerce competition will just get fiercer from this moment on.

  • Bots instead of humans on TikTok 🤖
  • Optimized management for your Amazon business 💯
  • Best chatbot builders for better customer service 🛠️
  • Advertising on Threads 🧵


Echoing features already in the Chinese market, TikTok might be debuting AI-generated characters to its Western users. As reported by Social Media Today, the platform is working on developing bots that can sell products via videos and even stream live!

🤔 How will that work?

  • First, advertisers submit prompts.
  • Then, a script is generated based on the prompts.
  • A virtual influencer is also generated to act out the script. The simulated character can reportedly stream 24/7.

A convenient innovation or a diversion tactic?

ICYDK, TikTok is in the middle of a tech war between the U.S. and China. A law that’ll ban the platform in the country unless it’s sold within a year has been signed on April 24, 2024. So, this move may be designed to divert attention away from that.

Nevertheless, one can’t deny that the alleged AI-generated influencers will bring some convenient perks:

  • According to a previous report, “...brands can clone a human streamer to work 24/7.” And because creating deepfake avatars only requires a few minutes of sample video, they’ll free up your time to allow you to focus on more complex management stuff.
  • It’s also cost-effective, only costing around $1,000 for a never-tiring virtual clone.
  • Also, the AI streamers can adjust the marketing approach based on the number of viewers.”

🤖 AI has indeed changed the ecommerce landscape with its diverse applications. It’s already a hit in China, with AI live streamers selling thousands of dollars worth of goods every day. But will it be a hit too in the U.S. (in case the ban doesn’t push through)?


How to optimize the management of your Amazon business

How to optimize the management of your Amazon business

Are you planning on selling on Amazon but need help knowing where to start? Or are you already selling but you want to grow your business? Whatever it is, every seller wants to thrive on Amazon but it takes time to get it right.

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Best chatbot builders to improve your customer service

Best chatbot builders to improve your customer service

AI’s influence is not limited to marketing and sales. As pointed out by Sprout Social, AI chatbots have been a recent staple in the customer service industry. 📞

As a matter of fact, there are versatile chatbot builders you can use to build a chatbot-slash-trusty-customer-rep, including:

  • Sprout Social
    • Best overall chatbot builder
    • Integrated with comprehensive social media management tools
    • Features customizable chatbots and pre-configured templates for personalized messaging
  • HubSpot
    • Best for HubSpot ecosystem integration
    • Offers a free basic plan with AI chatbot builder integration
    • Handles tasks like lead qualification and feedback collection within the HubSpot ecosystem
  • Botpress
    • Best for performing AI-related processes 
    • Utilizes advanced AI for automated tasks
    • No-code approach with over 100 languages supported
  • IBM Watson Assistant
    • Best for voice interactions
    • Advanced conversational AI for fast and accurate customer support
    • Can be deployed in any cloud or on-premises environment
  • Wit.ai
    • Best for a “no-fuss” setup
    • Seamless integration of natural language processing (NLP) into chatbots, giving the bots a more human-like tone
    • Efficient handling of messages
  • Amazon Lex
    • Best for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem
    • Utilizes deep learning technologies for lifelike bot interactions
  • ManyChat
    • Best for omnichannel support across various platforms
    • Provides automated and enhanced customer communication 
  • Chatfuel
    • Best for smaller businesses and social media engagement
    • Offers Messenger bot templates and comprehensive reporting
  • Flow XO
    • Best for quick deployment across multiple channels
    • User-friendly chatbot builder with ready-to-use templates

📍 Having this many choices can be overwhelming. Our tip? Consider 5 factors: ease of use, integrations, capabilities, analytics, and scalability. And don’t forget to keep your business goal in mind to build the perfect chatbot for your business.


ICYDK: You might be able to advertise on Threads soon

ICYDK: You might be able to advertise on Threads soon

Have you heard about Meta’s freshly dropped bombshell?

Threads could be boasting ad features within the year! Meta launched Threads just over a year ago, so that’s a lot sooner than expected, as commented by Digiday.

📣 Here’s what you need to know about this exposé:

  • A Meta spokesperson said that the reason why Threads doesn’t initially have monetization or ads features is to help businesses experiment with their organic strategy.
  • However, the platform has now grown to over 160 million users—large enough for businesses to expand their marketing reach. 🎉
  • Details are still unclear but insider information says beta-testing will commence soon. Colleen Fielder, group VP of social and partner marketing solutions at Basis Technologies, heard that Partnership Ads (available on Facebook and Instagram) will be extended to Threads.

Other speculations revolved around ad formats (in-feed, reels, etc.) and integrations (Meta’s ad platform Advantage, Instagram, and Facebook).

So, how soon is soon?

As of now, the exact date of the ad rollouts on Thread hasn’t been announced. Also, Meta has set a prerequisite for introducing ads or monetizing a platform—a billion users.

Still, this would be an exciting new venture, especially if you use Threads in your social media strategy. ✨

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