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Amazon’s record-shattering Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales


Has the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales buzz worn off for you yet? It's totally fine to still be riding the sales event high—Amazon itself hasn't come down from it either!

Following its record-breaking BFCM sales, the retailer announced that it'll keep the good deals rolling every day until December 24!

🫔 Unwrapping the numbers

Between November 17 and 27, customers around the world were able to snag over one billion items! What's more, shoppers got a whopping 70% higher savings during the 11-day shopping spree than in the past years.

Here are some must-know BFCM highlights:

  • Customers ordered over 500 million items from independent sellers—mostly small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Among the best-sellers are personal safety alarms for small business products, sport luxury endeavor watch for Prime invite-only deals, snail mucin essence and Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for items, and hotel collection bed pillows for Creator Favorites.
  • Purchases through Buy with Prime shot up by over 300% compared to the daily average for October 2023.
  • Same-Day Delivery was available for over 300 million items in 90+ metro areas. Amazon Lockers are also strategically placed for easy, secure, and free delivery.

But the party isn't over!

Just when you thought the holiday cheer peaked, Amazon extended the season of savings. As mentioned above, new deals will drop daily until December 24.

This means you can bask in the high holiday traffic and enjoy convenient fulfillment services up to the last minute before Christmas! If this doesn't scream "Merry Christmas!" for your business, we don't know what does. 🧑‍🎄


Attract new B2B customers with the relaunched B2B product opportunities page

Attract new B2B customers with the relaunched B2B product opportunities page

We’re down to the last month of the year, but it’s not too late to attract new customers. Especially B2B customers who can potentially be your year-long clients next year.


Through B2B product recommendations from Amazon! The retail giant announced on Seller Central that it’s relaunched the B2B product opportunities (BPO) page to help you tailor your listings to B2B customers.

☄️ What’s re-dropped?

The BPO page is a cheat sheet containing 2 types of recommendations: high-demand products under the categories/brands you sell and products requested by Amazon Business customers that may not be on Amazon yet. Now, the relaunched version lets you see recommendations based on customer purchasing trends, requests for new products and quantity discounts, and your selling history!

New features are also added, such as:

  • Improved user interface—now without the Download Report pop-up—to easily view recommendations, redesigned metrics display, and added filter options. Plus, you can now download all reports at once!
  • Upgraded recommendations based on machine learning models to provide you with more tailored product suggestions.
  • New metrics, including:
    • Rank - for prioritizing recommendations
    • B2B opportunity - for comparing the potential demand for the recommended selection with a similar selection
    • B2B featured offer price - for analyzing the average B2B Featured Offer price in the past month

With these enhanced product recommendations, you’re all set to attract the right customers and accelerate your business growth. So, dive in now and make the most of the new features before 2023 ends! 🚀



3 Amazon-approved advertising tips to increase holiday sales

3 Amazon-approved advertising tips to increase holiday sales

Holiday marketing is easy for physical stores. By filling the air with Christmas scents and playing catchy jingles, they can easily touch the human senses and capture their attention.

But what if you only sell online? How can you showcase your holiday spirit?

🎤 Amazon says… through sponsored ads campaigns! Better yet, here are 3 seasonal advertising tips for boosting your sales from the retail giant itself:

1. Understand your customers

This goes beyond knowing their shopping habits and preferences. You also need to identify which sales events are big per region. For example, BFCM is big in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, while El Buen Fin is big for Mexican shoppers.

How to do this: Take advantage of Amazon Ads location and language targeting capabilities. 

2. Plan around big events

Your marketing calendar should be updated with the latest global shopping events. Don’t forget to customize your advertising plans based on the theme of the events to maximize your reach.

How to do this: Build a holiday keyword list. Sample list this Christmas: “Christmas gifts,” “Christmas sales,” and “holiday deals.”

3. Get expert advice

Nothing beats the wisdom of seasoned Amazon players. If you’re new to advertising, consult experts to guide you in creating line items or understanding bidding types.

How to do this: Search for top Amazon agencies that offer advertising/marketing services.

Bonus tip: Check out Amazon’s full holiday guide for more advice on optimizing ad tactics this holiday season.

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