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Amazon’s latest fights (and wins) against counterfeiters

In 2005, Amazon had made 1 million products available for 2-day shipping. Impressive, right?

But here’s what’s even more amazing: the number has now reached 300 million! The retail giant not only lived up to expectations—it exceeded it.

We aim to impress you too, so here’s us delivering the freshest news for your business-minded… minds.


More than a nuisance, counterfeiting can deal a serious blow to brands. That’s why Amazon formed its Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU)—to tackle the battle against fakes.

In 2023, the unit handled over a dozen cases, ranging from civil to criminal. But despite ongoing efforts, counterfeiters seem to persist in their illicit activities.

Here are the latest developments on CCU's pursuit to dismantle counterfeit operations:

🤝 Stronger together

  • In March 2024, Crye Precision, famous for its top-tier military and police gear, teamed up with Amazon in a joint lawsuit against counterfeiters. The brand was impressed with Amazon's proactive stance in supporting brand protection, allowing them to concentrate on delivering top-notch products.
  • Earlier this year, Amazon teamed up with small and medium-sized businesses. They obtained a default judgment with Dutch Blitz, a family-owned card game maker, resulting in nearly $200,000 in damages.
  • Amazon also worked with J.L. Childress, a California-based family business, and won over $1 million in statutory damages.

🛡️ Leveling the playing field

In a world of knock-offs and deceit, Amazon ensures customers can shop with confidence. Since its inception, the CCU has pursued over 21,000 bad actors. They also have over 15,000 employees dedicated to maintaining the marketplace's integrity.

You can trust that the platform is committed to ensuring safety for you and your customers.


How to launch an ecommerce business with half the costs

How to launch an ecommerce business with half the costs

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*Source: Walmart first-party data, 2021-22

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Temu’s secret to attracting more customers

Temu’s secret to attracting more customers

Speaking of counterfeiting, one platform facing ongoing allegations of selling counterfeits is Temu. But recently, the newbie marketplace has been ramping up its game to bury those concerns.

According to BBC, Temu has been a crowd favorite due to its unique shopping experience. Here’s the secret to the frenzy the platform has created:

🧪 Temu’s formula

Retail analyst Neil Saunders described the platform as “as addictive as sugar,” mainly due to the following factors:

  • Flash deals: Temu offers limited-time discounts and promotions on a wide range of products. This creates a sense of urgency among customers, driving them to buy quickly.
  • Games: It also uses fun games like spin-to-win and countdown timers to keep shoppers engaged. It makes shopping a fun and rewarding activity, so customers spend more time on the platform.
  • Low prices: Temu offers products at incredibly low prices to attract budget-conscious consumers. Aside from increasing sales, it positions itself as a go-to destination for unbeatable bargains.
  • Social proof: It displays product reviews, star ratings, and real-time activity, like recent purchases and items in the carts. This encourages customers to buy based on the positive experiences of others.

🔮 What’s next for Temu?

Even with these strategies, Temu’s future in ecommerce is uncertain because of the controversies it faces. In addition to the fun and engaging shopping experience, Temu must mix transparency, honesty, and ethics in its strategy to forge ahead in the marketplace.


Are you primed for Prime Day?

Are you primed for Prime Day?

With Prime Day 2024 just two months away, you better be collecting not only your thoughts but also hacks to pool in profits.

And what better source can there be than Amazon?

To help you boost sales for Prime Day, the retailer shared a quick guide for priming your store:

For Professional Sellers

  • Be generous but smart with coupons and lightning deals. Shoppers love discounts. Besides, where’s the Prime Day spirit if it’s not raining attractive deals? 🌧️
    • How: Go to Seller Central> Advertising to create your campaigns. Try offering a 5% discount coupon for starters. Create FOMO with limited-time lightning deals.
  • Schedule your ad budget. Prime Day traffic will result in increased clicks—meaning increased costs.
    • How: Plan and place limits on ad spend. Adjust your budget to increase during big days, and then revert to your minimum spend during regular ones.

For Registered Brands

  • Update your storefront. Build your storefront to match Prime excitement.
    • How: Try adding Prime Day Deals widgets. 
  • Advertise on and off Amazon. Promote your listings through other channels before and during Prime. You can even get a Brand Referral Bonus using Amazon Attribution strategies.
    • How:In addition to social media marketing, use Sponsored Display Ads to market within Amazon ad space and on other channels.

⏳ Bonus hack: Be time-conscious

Selling on Amazon means abiding by their schedule. So, take note of these important deadlines:

  • Creative content publishing - Amazon Storefronts are approved at least 24 hours after submission.
  • Deals and ad campaigns approval - Prime Day Deals submission closed on May 3, 2024. (For future reference, these open around 3 months before July)
  • Inventory delivery - FBA inventory must reach Amazon by June 20, 2024.

Do you have other tips to add? Feel free to share them by replying to this email! 📩

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