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Amazon offers free AI courses—here’s why you should take them


According to a survey, around 92% of organizations said AI will be integral to their business operations. So, as part of its initiative to educate more people about facing the AI-powered future, Amazon offers free AI courses. 🤖

ZDNET's Senior Contributing Editor David Gewirtz spent an entire weekend exploring the courses to see if they're worth the time. Here's what he has to say about it:

  • The courses cover 10 resources that range from preparing and deploying a foundation model to incorporating human feedback into prompts.
  • Most of the courses require you to sign in to the AWS Skill Builder site. You can also use an AWS account or your Amazon consumer account.
  • The courses can be taken by non-technical and technical audiences. All have great takeaways, but the courses you can leverage to grow your brand include:

❔️ How will this help your business?

Of course, taking the courses isn't enough. You'd have to take them to heart and analyze where they fit in your business strategy. Also, you shouldn't stop at these resources, as there are a lot of other learning materials you can learn from.

And when you finally master game-changing AI skills, don't forget to tailor-fit them into your business model. Only then can you realize the benefits of being tech-savvy in today's tech-dominated ecommerce arena.


Power up your Amazon store with full account management

Managing an Amazon business can be a tricky challenge. While independent sellers who choose to handle everything deserve massive #respect, hiring seasoned experts in the Amazon game just hits differently. 

Seller Interactive discusses the impact of full account management on your business’s growth and how account managers can turn your business into a soaring success.

The perks of an Amazon Full Account Management Service

Some pros may be all bark and no bite, but not Amazon account managers. These superstars can bring incredible perks to your Amazon business, including:

  • Boosting your sales and profit
  • Providing tailored strategies
  • Offering killer tips to level up your account health
  • Keeping you from making typical Amazon newbie blunders

🤔 What exactly do account managers do?

It’s hard to believe that Amazon account managers can do ALL OF THAT for your business. Curious to know what Seller Interactive’s Amazon FAM can do? Here’s a short rundown:

  1. Account setup - Account managers handle the Amazon account registration process and paperwork stress.
  2. Product launch - In addition to account setup, they prep your Amazon store and launch your products.
  3. Listing management and optimization - To get organic visibility from Amazon customers, these experts optimize your listings by keeping your content SEO-friendly.
  4. A+ Content creation - They create engaging and creative content for your product descriptions to attract customers.
  5. Prep and logistics - They handle fulfillment and shipping operations to help you focus on what matters most: scaling your business.
  6. Brand protection - Account managers keep your store safe from counterfeiters and hijackers by registering your business in the Amazon Brand Registry.

🤝 Having expert account managers throughout your ecommerce journey is already a huge WIN. They work their magic behind the scenes while you take your business to new heights.

Take the guesswork out of your Amazon business. Leave it to the pros! Sign up now.



Buy with Prime app for Shopify is now available to merchants

If you’re planning to venture into Shopify, here's exciting news for you: Buy with Prime for Shopify is now open to all merchants! In a report by Marketplace Pulse, this will allow shoppers to scroll through Shopify offers and check out using their Amazon accounts.

💯 “A complete ecommerce experience inside a checkout button”

This is what Amazon promises to bring from the invite-only-turned-open partnership between them and Shopify. ICYDK, before the integration, merchants had to manually modify the template code. Orders placed with Buy with Prime wouldn’t appear without external plug-ins, and Shopify would even issue warnings to sellers meddling with it.

It wasn’t until August this year that both ecommerce players decided to join hands to make everyone’s life easier. Now, Amazon brands with Shopify stores can offer Buy with Prime hassle-free! Some even reported a 40% increase in conversion after adding the feature. 📈

Beyond Shopify

Many Prime members shop on ecommerce sites other than Amazon. The app may be exclusive to Shopify now, but it’s not unlikely that the same integration will open up for other platforms.

When that happens, Buy with Primewill become a legendary tool that empowers stores to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network anytime, anywhere. Wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?


How to effectively integrate chatbots into your business strategy

Ecommerce chatbots are lifesavers for many businesses. Not only do they offer real-time, automated customer support, but they also streamline processes.

🪜 To experience the benefits yourself, here are 8 easy steps for adding chatbots to your ecommerce business from WebMeridian:

  • Set the chatbot’s function. Some of the popular options include customer support, order processing, product recommendations, and data retrieval.
  • Select a platform. Based on your business model and needs, you can select a platform catering to the general ecommerce industry or those designed for specific niches, such as fashion, electronics, etc.
  • Install the chatbot. This can get technical, but there are free resources that can guide you in the installation process. Just remember to not rush the process to ensure a seamless blending with your brand’s design aesthetics and user experience.
  • Define relevant metrics, specifically those for measuring the effectiveness of your chatbots. The most commonly used ones are Google Analytics and Mixpanel.
  • Design a clear conversation flow. No matter how advanced your chatbot is, its interaction with users still depends on how you design the exchange.
  • Prepare FAQs that your bot can use as a reference for typical user questions.
  • Integrate chatbot into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This enhances the bot’s ability to assist users based on their customer data.
  • Monitor and adjust the chatbot’s settings based on user feedback and analytics.

Borrowing WebMeridian’s words, “chatbots are the future of customer engagement and service.” So, if you want to future-proof your business, start implementing these steps to harness technology’s power sooner rather than later. ⚡️

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