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5 social media marketing trends that will dominate 2024

We’re finally in the last week of January. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start your year right. Jumpstart your social media strategies with these tips in mind.


Social media has become the hottest place for reaching customers, and guess what? It's here to stay. The only challenge? It's easy to enter, and hard to keep up. Just when you think you've mastered a trend, bam! Something new steals the spotlight. 

🎢 Sometimes, it can feel like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded. So, to lessen the shock factor, Stuff shared a lowdown on what's hot and what's not for 2024. Here's the scoop:

1. Long-form content is back

Short and snappy? That was so last year! This 2024, the spotlight is on long-form content, especially on platforms like TikTok.

The idea? The longer your audience is glued to their screens, the more ad revenues. So, test those longer videos—just don't make them boring. Meta's probably copying as we speak, so might as well give it a whirl there too.

2. Authenticity is key…as always

Consumers are now more aware of what’s a sponsored post and what’s an authentic review of the product. Of course, authenticity is still preferred over anything else.

Show the real you (or the brand, rather), unfiltered and unapologetic. Because let's face it, being genuine wins loyalty, and community is what it's all about.

3. Community quality over quantity

Follower count and views may grab attention, but true success lies in engagement. And how do you pump up the engagement without resorting to rage-baiting? Simple—build a community. Create a space where your audience can interact with the brand and each other. 

4. TikTok will be the new go-to search platform

Apparently, Google search is now old-school. Gen Z now prefers platforms like TikTok for seeking information. Time to optimize every post for search and sprinkle in some relevant keywords. SEO may sound like a headache, but done right, it's a game-changer.

5. AI is still here with us

From content planning to generating images and videos, AI's got some tricks up its sleeve. Sure, it might not be the Shakespeare of copywriting, but it's excellent at analysis. Get familiar with it because it's not going away, so you might as well embrace it—it's getting smarter by the day. 

🍳 2024 success recipe

For sure, ecommerce in 2024 is bound to be quite an unpredictable journey, just like any other year. The silver lining? The social media scene is somewhat more foreseeable. 

So, say goodbye to overly polished appearances and embrace authenticity. Construct a sturdy community fortress, fine-tune your SEO game, and make friends with AI. Trust us, it's a winning recipe for success. 🍲


How to grow your network as an Amazon seller

Selling on Amazon can be challenging. Sometimes, seeking assistance from real-time experts proves more effective than binge-watching tutorials on YouTube.

With the complexities of the world’s largest ecommerce platform, one thing is clear—you need help. Building a strong network is essential for success.

A network of ecommerce experts can give you increased sales opportunities, access to resources, mentorship, and guidance.

🤝 Now, let’s get started in growing your network. Supercharge your efforts with the following tips: 

  • Join seller forums. Find helpful Amazon community spaces where you can ask and share information with other Amazon sellers and marketing experts. 
  • Attend conferences. You’ll meet your potential partners, suppliers, and experienced sellers at e-commerce conferences and trade shows. 
  • Partner with an agency. Aside from offering comprehensive account management services, agencies can introduce you to valuable contacts and resources within Amazon. 
  • Sign up with seller organizations. Tick all those boxes when you sign up with a seller organization. Get unlimited support from the best people in ecommerce and see your business skyrocket.

Ready to expand your reach while growing your Amazon business? Join the Seller Alliance community and enjoy these perks:

  • FREE 14-day trial
  • $47/monthly subscription, commitment-free OR
  • Enjoy $397/year (a whooping $367/year worth of savings) exclusive for our SellerBites subscribers!



ICYDK: Email marketing is still a hot craze this year

With all the fancy marketing tech we've been bombarded with in recent years, email marketing can seem a tad old-fashioned. However, this year, email marketing—a tried-and-true strategy—is set to shine even brighter, at least in marketers' eyes. listed trend predictions that are set to shape this scene.

  • Adding value beyond discounts

🤝 Brands recognize the need to build relationships early in customer journeys. So, expect a shift in email strategies in the coming year. The scene will move away from generic low-value deals to provide subscribers with valuable content.

  • B2B email campaigns on the rise

Email campaigns are no longer reserved for consumer brands. B2B organizations are embracing email marketing as an effective means to engage customers. 

Unlike intrusive sales calls, emails take a more laid-back approach, providing B2B customers with information they can act on at their convenience.

  • Email as a logged-in channel

🔒 Did you know that third-party cookies will face their demise this year? Yes, and businesses are turning to logged-in channels like email to nurture direct relationships. This is because, unlike platforms reliant on algorithms, email stands tall independently. 

It's becoming the go-to avenue for gathering first-party data in a privacy-focused market.

Adapting to bulk email policy shifts

Platforms like Google and Yahoo are introducing fresh policies to amp up spam filtering and address inactive accounts. This shouldn't freak you out; instead, see it as a nudge to stick to the good practices you should already have in place. 

Consumers will continue to appreciate personalized emails. So, our tip is to capitalize on that desire, ensuring your emails don't end up in tabs your audience won't bother opening.

Machine learning incorporation

Experts foresee a rise in weaving AI into creative processes, segmentation, traffic routing, and scheduling. This will enhance content development, providing marketers with tools to deliver personalized experiences.

In conclusion: 2024 is shaping up to be a year where email marketing evolves and adapts to new challenges. 

As you navigate these changes, the essence of delivering value and building genuine connections remains at the core of effective email strategies.


Effective growth marketing strategies to try this year

As the year flips its calendar, everything—and we mean everything—follows suit. This transformation is driven by ever-changing consumer shopping behavior. Miss the train on their preferences, and you might miss out on those maxed-out sales. 

Don’t you think it's time to revamp your growth marketing strategies? Search Engine Land has recommended some experiments you can dive into in 2024.

Acquisition: How do I attract the most ideal customers?

  • Find out where your ideal customers hang out.
  • Reel them in with a cross-platform lead generation content marketing experiment.
  • Test various variables such as content formats, tactics, and CTAs across all platforms.
  • Refine your strategy based on the best-performing elements.

Activation: How can I improve the customer experience?

  • Find out where customers drop off.
  • From there, Improve your processes. You can do that by:
  • Review your onboarding process, offering helpful content to guide trial users into becoming paying customers.

Retention: How to entice customers to keep coming back?

  • Try to reignite interest by sending personalized offers and time-sensitive promos.
  • Add value with a customer feedback survey in your re-engagement emails; the valuable insights gained can improve the experience for future users.

Referral: How to incentivize customers who refer their friends?

  • Get your loyal customers involved in your referral program.
  • Offer perks like discount codes, commission-based incentives, or upgraded services.

Revenue: How to increase customer lifetime value?

  • Create loyalty programs that make your customers feel excited, seen, and appreciated.
  • Tailor programs to your industry and customer behavior.
  • Explore options like punch cards, points-based, or tiered loyalty programs.

📆 Make 2024 your biggest year yet! 

So, the new year has kicked off, and if you haven't fine-tuned your marketing game yet, no worries. It's never too late to spice it up. Still waiting for the 'perfect' time? That was so last year. 

Why not seize every chance to shake things up, try new ideas, and discover the strategies that really hit the sweet spot? 🔎

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