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Social media influencer asked $82,000 to save a small brand from shutting down

Happy Friday!

We recently caught an interesting tale of a small brand owner searching for a justifiable means to save her brand. Intrigued? Read on to know more.


With Prime Day 2024 approaching, many of you may be considering partnering with influencers to promote your brand. But before you give it a go, MailOnline wanted to call your attention to the price of influencer marketing.

Here’s the story of Prilla Bowen and her attempt to harness the power of influencers to save her brand:

🍋 A saving grace-turned-sour face

Bowen owns Prilla Collective, a small Australian swimwear brand that’s currently on the brink of shutting down. She thought influencers could save her sinking ship—until she realized they were out of her league.

She reached out to 3 influencers and was quoted (in AUD) the following:

  • Influencer A with 210,000 followers
    • Post: $4,500 
    • Reel: $6,500 
    • Story: $1,000 for five frames
  • Influencer B with 86, 000 followers
    • Post: $2,100 
    • Reel: $13,000 AU
    • TikTok: $3,000
  • Influencer C with undisclosed following
    • Post: $53,180
    • Reel: $60,780
    • Story: $33,490 for five frames
    • TikTok: $55,000 with brand highlight; $48,630 without brand highlight

Bowen reiterated that she had no hate whatsoever, but she was genuinely shocked at how much influencers make. As a small brand owner, she couldn’t make that much in her business let alone afford an influencer.

⚖️ Finding balance

It’s worth noting that these prices aren’t absolute. It depends on whether you ask a mega or micro-influencer. You can even try micro-influencer platforms for as low as $400 a month.

But the sad reality here is that most (if not all) small businesses cannot easily jump into the influencer marketing trend. Our advice: try to find another way to save your business or be an influencer yourself to promote your brand for free.


3 major challenges of PPC marketing and how to solve them

If there's one common denominator among successful sellers, it's how much they rave about the ✨magic ✨ of PPC advertising. Understandably so, it's definitely your best friend in boosting your product's visibility and growing your business—when done right.

🛑 But like any other tool, PPC advertising has its challenges, such as:

  • Intense competition: With countless sellers in Amazon's vast marketplace, standing out is a big challenge.
  • Complex campaign management: Navigating costly and ever-changing campaign intricacies can overwhelm new and experienced sellers.
  • Demanding keyword research and targeting: High traffic is the holy grail in Amazon selling.

And for many sellers, the combination of these challenges and the need to juggle day-to-day operations can drain and stretch their resources—and patience—thin. 

🏆 Good thing there are experts

Like Seller Interactive! Their PPC Management Services are everything you're looking for in a trustworthy partner. They offer solutions for:

  • Sponsored Products, making sure your ads are visible by placing them in search results and detail pages for maximum exposure;
  • Sponsored Brands, highlighting your brand logo and custom headline on customers' search results;
  • Product photography, providing eye-catching, policy-compliant product images; and
  • Keyword research, finding relevant keywords to target the right customers and leveraging negative keywords to optimize your ad budget.

👌 From stressful to stress-free

It's the promise Seller Interactive makes through its comprehensive PPC advertising services. Let them do the heavy lifting so you can focus on other aspects that will make your business the talk of the ecommerce town.

Schedule my FREE consultation



Actionable social marketing insights for better brand promotion

With the boom of social commerce and social media marketing, the rapid changes in trends can be overwhelming. Not to mention the increasing aggressiveness of brands vying for customers’ attention.

🦭To avoid drowning in the nuanced social world, you need some targeted advice and recommendations. Luckily, Franchise Times collected expert insights you can learn a thing or two from:

  • Dunkin’ (Jill Nelson):
    • Authenticity and relatability: Create posts that spark personal connections and resonate with followers.
    • Trend engagement: Participate in current trends and jokes to maintain relevance.
  • Soci (Damian Rollison):
    • Platform evaluation: Assess each social media platform based on your brand's needs and audience engagement.
    • Consumer preferences: FYI, younger consumers prefer Instagram and TikTok for discovering local businesses.
  • Dave’s Hot Chicken (Brad Haley):
    • Amplify organic posts: Highlight organic social posts on your brand’s channels to showcase authenticity.
    • Authenticity is king: Focus on genuine content rather than overly edited posts.
  • 7 Brew (Cory Hinton):
    • Unpolished content is OKAY: Embrace the casual and unrefined nature of TikTok posts. This way, you can stay genuine and quickly follow trends.
  • Playa Bowls (Becca Steinberg):
    • Trend monitoring: Stay on top of trends and adapt your content to leverage current popular themes.
    • Influencer collaboration: Work with influencers to extend the reach of organic content.
  • GoTo Foods (Dawn Ray):
    • Platform agnosticism: Meet consumers where they are, regardless of the platform, and evaluate new platforms for potential value.
    • Strong presence on new platforms: Adopt new social media platforms like Threads as extensions of existing successful strategies.

🔑 Meaningful interactions are the key

All these insights point to social marketing being your bridge to customers. Because in the end, it’s all about building communities and engagement. Once you have that connection, it’s much easier to promote your brand and products.


5 best practices for retargeting customers

Let's say you’ve had a little hiccup in your business and missed some customers. Does this mean you’ve lost them forever?

According to Shopify, there’s still hope through retargeting.

Retargeting is a way of convincing users who have previously interacted with your brand to come back. But first, you need to do some things to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

Best retargeting practices

  • Build audiences: Use ads to encourage newsletter sign-ups, which provide free future engagement opportunities.
  • Use multitouch campaigns: Combine email marketing with retargeting ads to reinforce messaging across different touchpoints.
  • Start small: Begin with a small budget and keep an eye on your profit margins. It’s recommended to set a bid cap conversion for maximum efficiency.
  • Do product page retargeting: Target people who recently viewed specific products for higher chances of conversion. Also, remember that shorter retargeting windows (within 3 days) are more effective than longer ones.
  • Try homepage and collection page retargeting: Focus on brand benefits and social proof to build trust and encourage click-throughs. Don’t forget to add strong CTAs.

🎯 Why should you retarget?

Why not just find new customers, right?

Well, there’s usually no “love at first sight” in ecommerce. Also, 96% of people who visit your website aren’t ready to buy yet and need more wooing.

Instead of repeatedly courting new people, it’s more efficient to capitalize on relationships you’ve already built. After all, most of use still believe in second chances.

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