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SellerBites’ 24 in 2024: Part 4

We’re now down to the last 6 of the 24 most follow-worthy Amazon experts. This last set consists of the most practical sellers and consultants you’ll ever meet in the Amazon space, some of whom have been earning 7 figures!

Ready to meet them?


The ever-present Amazon entrepreneur and mentor

The ever-present Amazon entrepreneur and mentor

Have you met “The Beard Guy?” You should! 🧔

Norman Farrar is an Amazon entrepreneur and mentor with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding experience. He’s a nationally recognized expert who’s present in a lot of channels, including:

  • Lunch With Norm - The eCommerce & Amazon FBA Podcast
  • prREACH - The world’s first video press release company
  • AMZ.Club -  A channel offering Amazon business and marketing services and management

🟢 Why follow The Beard Guy: Active on social media and his various sites, you’ll surely get the latest and best advice on anything ecommerce by following him.


How growing your email list can boost your lifetime value

How growing your email list can boost your lifetime value

Getting a customer to buy from you is great! But you know what's even better than making one sale? Making multiple sales over an extended period from one customer.

This is what you call the lifetime value (LTV). It's the estimate of the average revenue a customer will generate throughout their lifespan as your customer.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

See how Jon Derkits uses LandingCube to increase his customers' lifetime value.

You can use LandingCube to:

  • Build your email list with their one-click Amazon listing landing page generator
  • Run targeted promotions
  • Easily capture leads from off-Amazon sources with API-enabled email opt-in
  • Retarget your audience by including other popular social media sites such as TikTok, Facebook, and Google Pixels

Create a sales funnel that only the top 1% of sellers use and watch your sales skyrocket!

Sign up for a 21-day trial today and increase your business's customer LTV.

Sign me up for a 21-day trial!


A 7-figure-earning author and digital publishing consultant

A 7-figure-earning author and digital publishing consultant

Meet author and digital publishing consultant, Nick Di Fabio. An expert on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), he’s dedicated to helping writers find a profitable niche. 🖊️

And did you know he has successfully built an ebook publishing business that generated over 7-figures in revenue?  

🟢 Why read what Nick writes: He regularly shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring authors—that’s free publishing tips and tricks! If you want to earn $100k or are looking for a profitable passive income, be sure to follow him or book a call.


The brain of the operations of BT Supply LLC

The brain of the operations of BT Supply LLC

Michael Tona is the CEO of BT Supply LLC, a top wholesaler known for quality products and great service. He began selling on Amazon while in nursing school as a hobby, but soon made it into a successful business. He's not just a business owner; he loves finding good deals for wholesale and online selling. 🔍

🟢 Why listen to Michael: His hard work and practicality helped his company make over 7 figures in sales in just one year on Amazon. If you want inspiration and strategies for rapid success, his tips and insights can help you reach your goals.


The wholesale arbitrage expert

The wholesale arbitrage expert

From facing $100K in debt to earning $18M, Larry Lubarsky has first-hand experience on how being an Amazon seller can turn your life around. This man behind Watch Me Amazon is particularly knowledgeable about wholesale arbitrage.

🏫 He even started a program called Wholesale Academy to share extensive resources for building a wholesale business.

🟢 Why watch Watch Me Amazon: Beyond his program, Larry regularly updates his social channels with Amazon news, quick how-tos, and trending seller concerns.


The competitive founder of LEVO

The competitive founder of LEVO

Jake Martin is the founder of Amazon agency LEVO. A brand owner in his own right, he guides other sellers to be more competitive in the online marketplace. 📈

His main goal is to help other brands scale through PPC and conversion rate optimization.

🟢 Why give LEVO a try: LEVO’s numbers speak for themselves. Case studies from happy clients show record sales, TACOS reduction, and an overall increase in profits and revenue.


The not-so-average Joe behind The RA Playbook

The not-so-average Joe behind The RA Playbook

Joe Hart is the founder of the Products for Profit program and the author of The RA Playbook. His business model of choice is retail arbitrage, and he believes that “Money is everywhere.” In fact, his resources are aimed at exactly how to access that money. 💰

🟢 Why go for Joe: If you’re after Amazon retail arbitrage updates and tips (plus some humor and slice of life), you’re sure to get valuable insights from this family man-slash-expert seller.

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