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Omnichannel selling could be the secret to winning more customers than Amazon

They say the best way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. That’s probably why Amazon recently partnered with Grubhub—to win the hearts of buyers by giving them access to hundreds of thousands of restaurants on the platform.

Strategic, right?

Just like the main characters in the stories we have for you today.


Amazon is known for its customer-centricity. Even with equally big competitors, Amazon’s winning logistics strategy (a.k.a. fast and free shipping) makes it the main choice for shoppers.


Everything has a trade-off. Here’s what Harvard Business Review revealed about the downside of deliveries—and how omnichannel selling strategies can solve it.

🌱 Sustainability over convenience

More often than not, delivery creates more waste and pollution than local store pickups. But would shopping behaviors change if shoppers were reminded about the environmental and social impacts of their retail decisions?

A study involving 200 participants was conducted to answer this question. The participants were informed that store pickup has lower packaging wastes, emissions, traffic congestion, and vehicle accidents than home delivery. Given this, the results revealed that:

  • 60% are willing to shift to store pickups and
  • 43% of consumers are ready to drop home deliveries to promote sustainable shopping practices

❔ How can omnichannel sellers leverage this?

The willingness of consumers to get orders themselves opens up a competitive avenue for omnichannel sellers, especially those with a physical store or kiosk, because:

  • They can potentially capture $100 billion in market share from Amazon;
  • They can reduce their logistics costs by 50%; and
  • They don’t need to invest in pricey technology; simply providing sustainability information is enough!

What do you think? Is it worth selling on Amazon and having a physical presence? Let us know your insights by replying to this email! ✉️



TikTok postpones its European market expansion for 2 reasons

ICYDK, TikTok had plans to launch TikTok Shop in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and Ireland by July. But according to PYMNTS, those plans are now on hold, along with expansions into Mexico and Brazil.

Instead, the platform is doubling down on the U.S. market.

❤️‍🩹 Why the change of heart?

Despite the potential threats of a ban in the U.S., TikTok shared several  justifiable reasons behind this decision:

  • To ease potential users' concerns. TikTok has a massive U.S. customer base of 170 million monthly users. However, ongoing legal scrutiny is hindering new user growth. To show its value to merchants and consumers, the platform aims to increase its merchandise volume to $17.5 billion this year.
  • To avoid potential regulatory scrutiny. TikTok is aware of potential regulatory challenges in Europe. Currently, the platform is under scrutiny by the European Union, particularly regarding a lighter version of its app in France and Spain, which is being investigated for addiction risks. 🚧

Playing it smart

Looks like TikTok is playing it smart by solidifying its hold in the U.S. before diving into more turbulent waters. While European users may have to wait a bit longer for TikTok Shop, U.S. users can look forward to even more exciting features coming their way.


How to market your business without breaking the bank

Promoting your business on a tight budget may seem tough. So, it’s a good thing effective marketing doesn't have to burn a hole in your wallet.

💡 eCommerce Fastlane shared some smart, budget-friendly marketing tactics you can start right away:

  • Engage on social media. Run contests and interactive posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This can help you boost visibility and engage with (potential) customers.
  • Use eye-catching infographics and videos. Share visually appealing graphics to convey information and encourage sharing. And don’t forget to showcase your brand's personality and products through videos.
  • Host irresistible giveaways. Everyone loves freebies! Run giveaways aligned with your brand to generate buzz and attract new customers.
  • Humanize your brand through a brand mascot. This will help you stand out in the marketplace and foster brand loyalty.
  • Explore offline marketing channels. Don't overlook traditional marketing tactics. Use business cards, banners, and radio advertising to complement your online efforts.
  • Tap influencers. Partner with influencers who align with your brand values to reach new audiences effectively.
  • Attend events and conferences. These events can help you network with potential customers, influencers, investors, and media personalities. Once you build relationships with journalists, you can get your business featured in media outlets to attract attention.
  • Start referral programs. Encourage satisfied customers to refer others to your business through incentives and rewards.
  • Send out newsletters. Start building an email list of interested customers. Drive sales through targeted email campaigns featuring exclusive offers and product updates.

✨ Shine without breaking the bank

The moral lesson here is that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive—you just need to be creative and strategic.

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