Lower your return rate with the new Reduce Customer Returns feature
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  • January 19, 2024
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Lower your return rate with the new Reduce Customer Returns feature

Looking to reduce product returns? Or maybe trying to step up your digital marketing game? Either way, we got you in today’s issue.


Worried about product returns and missed opportunities in your Amazon listings? You’re in for a treat with this new tool!

Amazon launched a new feature of the Growth Opportunities tool—the Reduce Customer Returns recommendation.

💡 This new feature uses data from customer comments, questions, and reviews to give you valuable insights, including:

  • Financial impact - You can view your estimated profits over 90 days from acting on Amazon’s recommendations.
  • Detail page recommendations - Receive content recommendations (based on customer queries) on how to improve your product detail page.
  • Customer issue trends - You can identify common issues in your product category and revamp your detail page based on those concerns.
  • Listing comparisons - See how well your listings compare to top-selling brands. You can also check how they word similar information to gain more attention. 
  • Ideal location - You can learn the best placement for your content for maximum effect and reach.

No more blindly trying to improve your listing. With Reduce Customer Returns, you can easily optimize your detail pages exactly how your customers want to view them. ✨

To access this feature, go to Seller Central > Growth > Growth Opportunities.



Dos and don’ts of social media marketing

Looking to stand out among the thousands of ecommerce content vying for shoppers’ attention? Social Media Today gets straight to the point by sharing the essential dos and don’ts of social media marketing.

For easier understanding, we broke down the information into 4 aspects:

✍️ Creating content

  • Do: Use high-quality visuals and concise yet compelling captions.
  • Don’t: Overpost promotional content and neglect your content’s performance metrics. Viewers might see this as spammy content.

🤝 Engagement and interactions

  • Do: Reply promptly to customer queries and engage with buyers by asking questions or running polls.
  • Don’t: Overly rely on automated responses, as this may spoil your chance to build genuine connections.

#️⃣ Use of hashtags

  • Do: Use relevant yet trending hashtags. You can also create unique hashtags specific to your brand.
  • Don’t: Go overboard with the amount of hashtags and hashtag variations.

📖 Brand profile

  • Do: Maintain a consistent visual identity across your platforms. Also, make sure to update your brand information and relevant links.
  • Don’t: Be inactive and inflexible to platform changes.

Social media platforms and trending content can shift in a blink of an eye. So, aside from doing the foolproof tricks above, always try your best to strategically present the best content to engage your audience.


3 ways to leverage the Verbatim Effect in product marketing

Did you know that humans are more likely to remember the gist of things rather than the details? 🧠

This psychological phenomenon, called the Verbatim Effect, plays a key role in ensuring marketing effectiveness. To help you leverage this in your business strategies this year, Stacked Marketer shared some tips on how to use it to sell your product and brand:

  • Show, don’t tell. You’ve got to show your audiences what you want them to know. Remember: it’s easier to remember visuals than words. 
  • Use snappy, impactful slogans. Good slogans are memorable, and good jingles are earworms.
    • Tip: Limit your slogans to 4–5 words or use copywriting techniques. You can also try rhymes in your ad campaigns.
  • Make your customers feel. The key is to be clear about what emotions you want to associate with your brand story. Humor? Romance? Adventure?
    • Tip: Think about the emotions your products should evoke. For example, Coca-Cola evokes “thirst” in its commercials.

🥜 In a nutshell

You need to understand the gist of what makes your product marketable. And avoid unnecessary noise and clutter that could distract buyers from your message.

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