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ICYMI: Amazon implements new attribute rule for 200 product types


On August 16, Amazon enforced a new rule that requires adding 274 product attributes for 200 product types. Sounds like a handful, but Amazon guarantees it can increase your sales by speeding up shoppers' buying decisions.

This new rule won't affect active listings—only new ones under specific categories.

👮 Mandatory and monitored

The retail platform reminded sellers that it'll check the compliance of all new product listings. If you skip this new regulation, your products won't be added to the catalog.

🗣️ What do sellers think of this?

There's definitely an air of mistrust among many sellers. Given the INFORM Act glitch, they're not fully convinced that the changes won't affect active listings.

Another issue is the "barely readable" spreadsheet of the affected product types and attributes. One seller said Amazon should provide a PDF file instead so they can easily view everything about the new rule. An Amazon rep replied to the thread to assure sellers that their feedback would reach the team in charge of the list.

Meanwhile, if you plan to publish inactive listings in the affected categories, go to Manage Inventory to update the attributes.


Say yes to your most profitable quarter yet

Looking to have your most profitable Q4 Amazon quarter yet?

Good news—the stage is set for a show that will teach you how to do that!

Seller Alliance is hosting a FREE virtual Amazon conference on August 22-23 (2 PM to 5 PM EST). The guestlist is jampacked with industry-leading experts ready to share tactics on how you can elevate your Amazon game:

  • Ritu Java - CEO, PPC Ninja
  • Clayton Atchinson- Director of Business Development, Carbon 6
  • Norman Farrar - Podcast Host and entrepreneur
  • Mohamed Aden - Director of Agency Operations, Seller Interactive
  • Edward Conception - Brand Manager, Outgive
  • Nisan Bal - PPC and DSP expert

👑 Set to dominate

That’s who you’ll be after joining this webinar. Q4 is coming in hot, and you don’t want to be caught off-guard when it finally arrives at your doorstep. So register now by following these 3 easy steps:

  • Claim a seat here.
  • Enter your email to join the conference waitlist.
  • Wait for the Zoom link before the webinar date.

Together, we’re gonna make this your best Q4 yet.

Sign up here!

Angelo of Seller Alliance


  • Seller Alliance is hosting a weekly Q&A where you can ask technical and strategic questions for your Amazon business. Some sellers already shoot their queries about brand acquisition, dangerous goods, and PPC sales. - Seller Alliance
  • To make your learning experience more convenient, Amazon now supports in-page browsing of brand building learning modules. You can adjust your settings while viewing the guidelines for adjustments. - Seller Central 
  • Amazon’s Senior VP of devices and services David Limp is stepping down after more than 13 years of service. He’s gonna be around for a few more months, though, possibly involved with the retailer’s fall events. - TechCrunch
  • Selling isn’t the only way to earn money on Amazon. There are other reliable ways, such as becoming an Amazon influencer or an affiliate marketer. - MakeUseOf


Reasons why small and independent sellers continue to sell on Amazon

In 2022, more than 60% of sales in the Amazon store came from independent sellers. U.S.-based sellers sold more than 4.1 billion items to customers worldwide, averaging around $230,000 in sales.

According to Amazon, these numbers point to one thing: the platform is a fertile ground for small and independent merchants.

🏆 The Independent Sellers’ Choice Award goes to …

Who else—Amazon! They continue to choose the platform because of its:

  • Reach and reputation. Amazon’s advertising solutions ensure brands stand out on social media platforms and search engines.
  • Tools and seller support. The retail giant provides software and training resources, including:
    • Amazon Seller University and Amazon Small Business Academy to help brands grow and prosper
    • Brand-building features, such as Amazon Business, Amazon Handmade, and Brand Registry
  • Programs and services. Amazon offers optional seller services like:
    • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for fast and reliable delivery
    • Amazon Ads for self-service and automated ad campaigns
    • Amazon Lending for financial support for independent sellers

ᵃ⤻ᶻ Efficiency, convenience, and dedication are what Amazon offers to earn and keep sellers’ favor. Yes, there are fee increases and extra charges here and there, but many see them as an investment for their success.


5 inventory management tips for Amazon holiday sales events

Before we know it, the holiday sales rush will be upon us. Hence, Amazon advises sending your FBA inventory to fulfillment centers by the following dates:

  • Prime Big Deals Day: September 12
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: October 26

📋 To prepare for the millions of shoppers searching for great end-of-the-year bargains, here are some tips for preparing your inventory:

  • Strengthen your logistics network. It’s always a good idea to improve and expand even a solid supply chain to prevent last-minute problems.
  • Optimize your inventory levels. You can do this by tracking your sell-through rate and using forecasting tools.
  • Keep enough safety stock. And replenish your shelves early to avoid shortages. You can compute your safety stock as follows:

Safety stock = Products sold per day Desired days of safety stock

  • Audit your inventory. Cross-checking your inventory with your financial records will help you make better ordering decisions.
  • Prepare a contingency plan for stockouts. You can never know when consumer demand will fluctuate, so you better be ready at any time.

🎁 Bonus tip: Automate your inventory management

There are a lot of tools that you can use to collect accurate inventory data and ensure smooth holiday shipping.

How about you? How do you manage your holiday inventory? Share your tips by replying to this email! 📩

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