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How start-up Ashtonbee successfully positioned itself in the Baby Products category

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How start-up Ashtonbee successfully positioned itself in the Baby Products category

Parents, especially first-time ones, would always want the best for their children—the best brand of milk, the tastiest and healthiest food, and the best baby products.

But in the sea of baby essentials out there, did you know how this start-up brand successfully positioned itself in this category?

So what sets them apart?

Gone are the days when baby products were limited to bright colors. You know how it goes–blues for boys, and pinks for girls. How it looks won’t matter to the baby–but the truth is, it will matter to the parents (or whoever’s purchasing the products).

Style meets functionality. That's the Ashtonbee difference. Aside from that, here are other reasons that set them apart from other brands offering the same products:

  • They solve parenting challenges—but more effectively. For example, Ashtonbee offers baby bibs in silicone. This targets a pain point by making their products easier to clean, letting parents relax while their child eats without stressing about spills.
  • Ashtonbee doesn't play around when it comes to quality. Each product is crafted with care, meeting and often surpassing industry standards. This is where they gain market trust.


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What can you learn from Ashtonbee?

Having a good product is one thing. Many brands produce great, high-quality items like Ashtonbee does. But what makes them stand out is how they market—or rather, how they don't market—their products.

Ashtonbee ticks a lot of boxes in good marketing practices, such as using high-quality product images and maintaining consistency in marketing voice.One shouldn’t underestimate how these fairly simple, yet effective, marketing practices work.

But one of the highlights is how they center their product marketing around their unique selling proposition (USP)—being budget-friendly yet innovative.

They know their branding well, and they make sure to stick to it.

Take Ashtonbee’s Baby Fruit Pacifier Feeder for example. It’s a pacifier and food feeder in one product. This is not exactly a revolutionary product since their competitors also offer this product. But aside from the style, it’s priced right compared to others, given the same product quality and design.

This is clear in every piece of marketing content the brand releases. They address common parenting challenges, recommend helpful products, and highlight how their simple yet innovative solutions can perfectly meet parents' needs.

Be like Ashtonbee by:

✅ Establishing and sticking to a defined branding

✅ Pricing your products competitively

✅ Innovating your products by looking at what’s lacking in the market. For Ashtonbee, it’s their style that sets them apart from other brands.


How to identify your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) in 7 steps

Not every brand hits the bullseye with its unique selling proposition (USP), which is why many great products don't quite hit the mark. But, even though Ashtonbee nailed their USP, they didn't stumble upon it right away. 

So, if you're still figuring yours out, check out this 7-step guide from Business.com.

  1. Let the ideas flow. From the people at customer support to the geniuses in product development, everyone's ideas count. No judgment here—just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Remember, it's all about gathering those golden nuggets of insight.
  2. Get to know your crowd. Before you can woo your customers, you've gotta know 'em. Dive deep into demographics: age, location, gender, you name it. The more detailed your buyer personas, the better.
  3. Spy on the competition. Scope out your rivals, dissect their offerings, and stalk their marketing moves. What are they doing right? What's missing? Take notes—it's all valuable intel.
  4. Flaunt your strengths. What makes you shine? Is it your unbeatable prices, lightning-fast delivery, or top-notch customer service? List them out; these are your secret weapons in the battle for customer hearts.
  5. Face your weaknesses. No one's perfect, not even your business. Pinpoint your pain points and devise a plan to overcome them.
  6. Unleash your uniqueness. Comb through all the data and ideas you've collected. What sets you apart in a sea of sameness? Find that spark that makes your brand one-of-a-kind.
  7. Wordsmith your way to success. Time to sum it all up in a catchy tagline. Keep it simple, keep it snappy, and keep it real. No jargon here—just clear, compelling language that speaks directly to your audience.

So, there you have it—a roadmap to uncovering your brand's USP. With these steps in your arsenal, you're ready to make your mark and stand out in a sea of sameness, just like Ashtonbee. Ready, set, differentiate!

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