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Grow your Amazon business with ChatGPT


After taking the world by storm, ChatGPT is now dominating the ecommerce scene. Many sellers are using the chatbot to better manage their time and money.

Helium 10 listed 3 revolutionary things that ChatGPT can do to help you grow your Amazon business:

1. ChatGPT can respond to customer messages with a personal touch.

Messy inboxes can lead to disasters. You don’t want to trigger a ‘Karen’ by missing a message. 🫣

Using natural language and deep learning, ChatGPT can answer customer queries like a real person. Therefore, you can improve customer experience, reaction time, and accuracy without losing the human touch.

2. ChatGPT can optimize your product listing.

Creating product listings is more challenging than it sounds. Optimizing one is even more complicated.

🕶️ Enter ChatGPT—your digital bestie that can quickly write descriptions based on user reviews and common search keywords.

You might still need to edit the descriptions, but at least you won’t start from scratch.

3. ChatGPT can build your brand.

Let’s say you have this image of what you want your brand to be. Of course, you’d want to translate it into something customers can appreciate. ChatGPT can narrate your brand story uniquely and creatively with a few taps.

This is useful, especially if you plan to break into Amazon FBA private label. You can pick a catchy brand name, a compelling mission statement, and even a slogan.

What is the main benefit of ChatGPT to sellers?

Let’s just say you don’t have to sweat managing your business because:

  • ChatGPT is an efficient customer service tool. Just set it up based on your requirements, and you’ll have an organized inbox and satisfied customers.
  • ChatGPT does what you say (unlike your heartbroken friend 💔). Whether creating impactful copies or improving your product detail pages, you simply need to tell it what you expect.

The rapid growth of ChatGPT in the digital world won’t stop anytime soon. You better watch out for more features if you want to enjoy more of this handy helper.


Get pro-vetted reviews at 50% off with Amazon Vine

Creative: Csams Cagumbay, Amazon Vine Enrollment

Spring is here—so is a 50% discount for sellers looking to enroll in Amazon Vine. Now's your chance to harvest those precious reviews for your products!

🔄 A quick refresher

Amazon launched Amazon Vine in 2007 to recruit honest and insightful reviewers as "Vine Voices." They would share their product experiences with other buyers in exchange for free orders. Nice, right?

The program is designed to help shoppers find authentic and high-quality products. As for sellers, Amazon Vine can help you generate product reviews that lead to up to a 30% sales boost on new or slow-moving products.

🏷 How to avail of the discount

The discounted rate applies to new products enrolled in U.S. or Japan stores within the promotion period. Once you receive your first Vine review, half will be deducted from your enrollment charges.

No enrollment fee is charged if:

  • You don’t receive any feedback
  • You receive your first review more than 90 days after enrollment

🗣️ Good product reviews are the cornerstone of building credibility and achieving profitability. To be clear, you're not required to pay to get them. But whispers from the Vine Voices can help you better convince buyers that your products are worth their money. 

If you're still unsure whether to enroll, you better hurry. The discount lasts until April 15 only!



Seller lost the Buy Box due to bogus IP complaints and negative reviews

Creative: Csams Cagumbay, Lost Buy Box

The Buy Box is a holy grail in the Amazon world. Losing your eligibility for it could mean tens of thousands of losses.

This is exactly what a seller of over 15 years faced due to malicious allegations from two other sellers. According to OP, they received fraudulent IP complaints and fake negative reviews that got them kicked out of the Buy Box game. 

😈 Attack 1: Fraudulent IP complaints

The culprits hijacked a prominent computer brand listing by inserting their brand name into the product page. They then filed an IP claim that effectively kicked all sellers in the listing.

What the attackers did was prohibited, but Amazon missed the violation!

👎🏻 Attack 2: Phony negative feedback

‘Buyers’ complained about receiving used items. However, the seller has proof showing they only ship new, sealed items. All negative comments also initiated returns, but OP never received anything.

🟥 The seller has exhausted all channels of resolution. They filed multiple requests to remove negative reviews, but all were denied. Same thing with their appeals to dismiss the violation. As of now, it’s still unsure if this issue will soon be resolved.


How to use AI to create stunning landing pages

Creative: Csams Cagumbay, Landing Pages

Did you know you can use AI to generate landing page designs?Stacked Marketer recently shared how they use AI to successfully create a gorgeous mock-up landing page.

  1. Set up the type of page you want to create. By now, you probably know how to use AI prompts. For this step, use a set of words that tells the AI what page you want to build. The Crew (as the Stacked Marketer team calls themselves) went with “marketing landing page.
  2. Add a CTA. This will narrow down the generated content to the particular action you want users to perform. They chose “marketing landing page with email signup.”
  3. Customize the style and design. Get that creative juices flowing and use descriptive words to guide the AI in beautifying your page. The Crew tried “marketing landing page with email signup, pinterest aesthetic, cute color palette, behance.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can take your pick among a plethora of AI image generators. But remember, you have to use the right words to build landing pages that suit your brand. After all, natural intelligence can’t be replaced.

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