Boost your brand’s potential through Amazon seller conferences
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  • September 28, 2023
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Boost your brand’s potential through Amazon seller conferences

Knowledge of new market trends and best selling practices is the key to outshining your competition on Amazon. And what better place to gain them than FBA blogs and seller conferences?

Get ready to be an ultimate selling sensation as we reveal a list of the finest learning resources and events to explore before the year ends. Take out your pen and paper and jot down the details of your future success. 📝


Amazon's ecosystem continues to expand by the day. If you fail to ride on the rapid changes, you may struggle to grow your business in the marketplace.

Fortunately, there's a great way to level up your game—Amazon seller conferences. What's even better, these events can deliver crucial knowledge for growing your brand wherever you may be!

Million Dollar Sellers listed some of the upcoming conferences left for 2023:

1. AMA Fest UK 2023

  • When: October 6
  • Where: Brighton, England
  • Price: £59
  • Why should you attend: Gain game-changing insights into the hottest industry trends from experts and build connections with like-minded people.

2. eCommerce Expo Asia 2023

  • When: October 11–12
  • Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • Price: Registration is free!
  • Why should you attend: This focuses not just on Amazon, per se, but generally on the ecommerce, retail, and marketing industries. Save the dates as early as now to enjoy informative sessions featuring top technology providers, innovators, and marketing experts.

3. Amazon unBoxed 2023

  • When: October 24–26
  • Where: New York, U.S.
  • Price: $349
  • Why should you attend: This annual Amazon conference is where the retail giant unboxes new surprises for sellers like you! Here, you can learn from industry leaders, attend certification classes, and enjoy after-hours events—all designed to prepare your business for growth.

4. Amazon Sellers Summit

  • When: October 27–28
  • Where: 123 Edward St Suite 205, Toronto, ON M5G 1E2
  • Price: Regular price of $73; early bird rate of $52. Register here.
  • Why should you attend: Expert speakers, including SellerMetrics founder Rick Wong, will talk you through bringing your brand "to six figures and beyond." Purchasing tickets will also grant you access to the welcome networking party and one-month Seller Alliance membership. Such a steal!

Join the Amazon Sellers Summit.

5. AMZ Innovate

  • When: November 13–14
  • Where: New York City, U.S
  • Price: Registration starts at $700.
  • Why should you attend: Forge connections and learn cutting-edge strategies from 8-figure sellers presenting at this event. Also, get the chance to network with like-minded sellers in their VIP Private Yacht and Dinner Cruise.

Why should you join seller conferences?

These are all powerful platforms where real-life experiences and wisdom from industry experts and peers come together. Plus, they offer a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

It’s also a chance to empower yourself with great business skills and expertise. Knowledge is power, but your confidence to use it is what's gonna kick-start your journey toward success. 💡


4 must-visit blog sites to draft your Amazon success

So your business is booming—that’s great! But that means you may not have the time to attend these conferences. How, then, do you stay updated on new trends and consumer information?

Well, through blog sites, of course! They’re a great alternative source of ecommerce wisdom from seasoned sellers and marketers. Not to mention they’re free and easily accessible!

💻 SellerPlex picked 4 trusted blog sites to help you navigate the ever-shifting tides of Amazon FBA.

1. Full-time FBA

This blog site is full of tricks to maximize your profitability. Aside from blog posts, it features tool reviews, videos, podcasts, and how-to guides for scaling your Amazon FBA business. They post content 3x a month and provide free and paid resources.

Best for: Sellers with limited time but want full-time profits.

2. Seller Interactive 

Seller Interactive isn’t your ordinary blog site. True to its claim of helping sellers unleash their growth potential, it also offers top-notch seller services, along with free high-quality Amazon learning resources. The site also contains informative blogs and case studies that are updated multiple times each month.

Best for: Sellers looking for premium tools and services to grow their brands.

3. AMZ Advisers 

Their blogs are rich in marketing/advertising tips for boosting your sales and brand awareness. They post comprehensive, data-driven information about 5x a month.

Best for: Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers.

4. Amazon SEO Consultant 

If you want to increase profits through organic rankings, their blogs are for you! This blog site follows a weekly posting schedule for engaging infographics about optimizing listings, improving descriptions, and using FBA tools.

Best for: Sellers seeking organic Amazon SEO strategies.

🖱️ One click away

Building a successful FBA business requires constant learning. To conquer the ecommerce arena, you shouldn’t stop seeking information to elevate your strategies and decision-making capabilities.

And with technology at your side, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your home to do this. Learning is at your fingertips—just a few clicks away.



FYI: Amazon seller conferences are worth it

While some FBA resources are given for free, premium ones often require you to shed a few dollars. And most of them are introduced during seller conventions.

But if you can now access a multitude of information at a flick of a finger, you may ask: Are conferences worth the cost? Or should you just wait until they publicize the solutions shared in these events?

✅ Well, Sermondo believes attending a seller conference is still a must for 3 reasons:

  • Getting practical ideas from speakers’ experiences. Nothing beats straight-from-the-mouth information from industry leaders and peers. Beyond the technical discussions, their anecdotes could teach you something you won’t learn from simply reading blogs and press releases.
  • Building deep-rooted connections. Digital platforms lack the warmth and depth of face-to-face interactions. Conferences have an atmosphere that encourages genuine conversations and fosters long-lasting relationships.
  • Establishing a strong reputation. One pro of attending seller conferences is that you can personally convince investors to take a chance on your venture. Although convenient, virtual meetups are weak in proving your personal branding’s trustworthiness.

💰 Priceless cashback

There are a lot of worthy investments for growing your brand. A list-topper is—you guessed it—seller conferences!

Of all the things you spend money on, they could be the only ones that’ll make you richer, not just in profits but also in priceless knowledge.

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