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Amazon’s losing to Temu and Shein

And just like that, we’re off to the weekend again. But not before we feed you with some last-minute ecommerce issues and tricks to conclude the week:


Amazon is facing a crisis.

International Business Times UK reported that the ecommerce giant lost a whopping 2.6 million monthly users. Interestingly, the culprits are not Amazon’s main competitor, Walmart—but ecommerce disruptors Temu and Shein!

👓 Here’s a quick rundown of the stats:

  • Amazon’snumbers are down from 69.6 million monthly users (September 2022) to 67 million (January 2024).
  • Temu now has 152 million monthly users.
  • Shein grew from 20.9 million to 26 million.

Why is this happening?

For starters, Temu and Shein are known for their incredibly low prices. Their growth was predicted by Marketplace Pulse back in March of 2023, attributing both platforms’ success to the “Made, Sold, and Marketed by China” model.

For now, Amazon remains far ahead of the speedy and convenient fulfillment race. But apparently, the rising costs of living are enough to push millions of shoppers to choose the slower but more affordable options for Temu and Shein.

What does it mean for Amazon?

The sheer coverage of Amazon’s logistics infrastructure is “unapproachable,” according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners co-founder, Josh Lowitz. So, as long as Amazon maintains its dominance over fast shipping and deliveries, it can defend its crown as ecommerce king.

Also, the giant retailer isn’t idle. In fact, it continues to introduce new features, such as Supply Chain by Amazon, to say it plans on being #1 for a long while.


Rank #1 on Amazon with UGC ads

UGC for TikTok, Meta, and Amazon Ads drives higher conversions because it’s full of social proof - but how can you easily source high-quality UGC at scale? 

Enter Insense

Insense is the leading platform for UGC and influencer marketing, trusted by 1,500+ brands including Malouf, Rankster, and Upper Echelon Products. 

“We tested 20+ platforms before Insense, we love how we can manage all our campaigns and get content in only 2 weeks” - Paul Harvey, Rankster 

Insense stands out because: 

  • Creators apply to you: responsive UGC creators apply directly to your campaigns in minutes 
  • Delivered in 10 days: receive high-performing UGC for organic + paid social 
  • Simplified admin work: automated influencer agreements, payments, and digital content usage rights 
  • Money-back guarantee: if an influencer ghosts 
  • Repeat + long-term collabs: build relationships with influencers and UGC creators 

Try it now! 

Book a free 1-2-1 strategy call by April 12 and get $200 for your first campaign.



TikTok’s retail is still growing in the US despite possible ban

ICYMI, the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that requires ByteDance, TikTok’s owner, to find a buyer for the video app in 6 months. Otherwise, TikTok will face a nationwide ban in the U.S.

🪁 But despite this threat, WWD reported that TikTok plans to "keep focusing on the business and charging forward."

  • In the latest ShopTalk event, TikTok continued to promote and pitch new ad formats and placements.
  • TikTok is approaching 150 million monthly users in the U.S. and 7 billion views of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt posts. 
  • Conversations with advertisers are in the works, as well as attempts at negotiating with policymakers
  • It’s also trying to incorporate new tech, being among the first to launch an app for the mixed-reality headset.
  • TikTok Shop’s goal is to reach $17.5 billion in U.S. gross merchandise value this year.

What does this mean for brands on (or planning to be on) TikTok?

The good thing is brands are learning not to put all eggs in one basket. Most marketing strategies now are no longer dependent on a single platform.

Should the app be banned, marketers can easily shift to a new channel to fill the void. In short, brands are ready for whatever happens.

Still, can you imagine a TikTok-less marketing world?


How to do a perfect split test

Now that you already know what to do before you release your newest product, it's time to prepare for the actual launch. One of the most important questions in preparing for your product launch is how to measure its success.

📊 A LinkedIn post outlined a step-by-step guide to evaluating the success of your newest product. Here's how:

1. Monitor your metrics

Ah, the bittersweet taste of numbers! Keep an eye on sales metrics, review metrics, search rank, customer service metrics, and advertising metrics. These numbers not only measure progress but also point out areas for improvement.

2. Hear the chatter

Metrics paint a picture, but feedback adds color and depth. Dive into the sea of opinions from customers, stakeholders, and team members. Surveys, interviews, and social media chatter are your treasure trove of insights. Listen closely—it's where you'll find pearls of wisdom.

3. Reflect and refine

The journey doesn't end with the launch, it's just the beginning. Take stock of your metrics and feedback, compare them with goals, and identify gaps. Reflect on what went well and where you stumbled.

Then, roll up your sleeves and make those necessary tweaks. Remember, continuous improvement is the name of the game.

💭 So, how do you define success?

Measuring the success of your new product launch doesn't have to be rocket science. By following the steps above, you set the tone for what success means for your product. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and continue innovating. Your success story is waiting to unfold.

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