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3 FBA seller shipments have gone missing during transit

Happy Monday! 👋

Grab a cup of coffee right now because we’re starting the week strong with the freshest Amazon news:



A seller shared they've been experiencing missing shipments. Three shipments, totaling 230 units, en route to warehouse BNA3 vanished during the transfer.

The inventory ledger says: received, transferred, and then poof—gone! 📦

"Investigation Complete" is in question

The seller (OP) opened cases, expecting Amazon to conduct a serious investigation. But they didn’t receive any reply or update on the investigation.

OP also shared they provided proof that their units were received and lost in the transfer. Yet, here they are, wondering if anyone knows how to make Amazon find their missing goods.

To the rescue or not?

Enter an Amazon representative. They explained that just because the inventory ledger says '“received", it does not mean that items are unpacked and accounted for. Shocking, right?

The final destination fulfillment center is where the inventory is unpacked. They also updated that for OP's two cases, the Amazon team is still in the reviewing stage.

A familiar tune

Seems like lost inventory has become a woe we're all familiar with—everyone's got a horror story to share.

  • A seller shared how they provided all the proofs in the world, only to get denied.
  • Others also accused the platform of stealing and reselling items they claim are lost.
  • Another seller shared how they attended the Accelerate conference just to talk to someone about their concern. Why? Because Amazon's customer service seems lost as well.

In conclusion... for now

With all the uncertainties that come with lost inventories, one thing is clear—the struggle is no joke. If you've been through it or have some hacks to share, let us know. After all, a shared struggle might just lead us to a solution.


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Shipping vs. delivery: What's the difference?

One of last Friday's topics sparked so much interest about a seller claiming that Amazon "stole" their money. In hindsight, the issue probably came from not understanding the difference between shipping and delivery.

You encounter these two terms often, but not everyone knows they shouldn't be interchanged.

So to keep you in the know, here's Shiprocket's discussion on their difference in summary.

  • Shipping - this pertains to getting your products to your customer's doorstep. It involves receiving, processing, and preparing the order for delivery. It's the journey of the product from your store to your customer.
  • Delivery - this is the culmination of shipping and is the last step in the supply chain. It involves ensuring the order reaches the customer properly and efficiently.

What's the difference?

When shopping online, customers are provided with two dates: the shipping and delivery date

The shipping date is when the item will be shipped from the warehouse, while the delivery date is when the product will be delivered to you.

In some cases, "shipping" refers to the small items that can be shipped, and "delivery" pertains to the large items that need installation or a delivery person.

Knowing the difference between these dates can make or break your sales!


Save time with Manage Your Experiments’ new feature — simultaneous experiments

Amazon recently announced a new feature for the Manage Your Experiments tool. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Multiple experiment types in one go. Instead of conducting separate experiments per type, you can now A/B test various experiment types (title, images, bullet points, and A+ Content) for a single product ASIN in one experiment.
  • Time-saving analysis. The holistic listing optimization approach saves you time and many trial-and-errors. You can tell which changes converted more efficiently.
  • Only for select ASINs. This feature is exclusive to ASINs that have received enough traffic in recent weeks. The eligibility of high-traffic products depends on order frequency and product category.

Let’s do it!

To start running split tests:

  1. Log on to Seller Central > Brands > Manage Experiments.
  2. Click on “Create a New Experiment” > Simultaneous.
  3. Choose the experiment type.
  4. Choose your product and the duration of the test. (Note: You can choose from 4 to 10 weeks)
  5. Lastly, click “Schedule Experiment” 
  6. Results are available every week until the duration ends.

Ready for some testing?

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