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Best practices for product launching

Thinking of launching a new product? It deserves to be given a spotlight—don’t simply push it out! It has to have its shining moment.

So in today’s issue, we’re going to take a deep dive into what product launches should be:


It is every business owner’s pride to get their products out to the market. You should know the happy feeling brought about by a product launch.

But what makes a product launch successful?

Here's Amazon Ads’ five-step checklist to steer you in the right direction:

  • Know your customer. Utilize metrics, analytics, surveys—you name it. The better you understand your customers, the more effective your messaging will be.
  • Understand your product. What makes it stand out in a sea of competitors? Nail down those unique selling points and back them up with solid research.
  • Craft your launch plan. Now that you know what your target audience wants, use these to turn audience insights into killer marketing tactics. For example, if your audience says they’re into promotional items and vouchers, it may be a good idea to incorporate these into your launch.
  • Bring your A-game assets: Your creative materials should be as polished as your product. Whether it's eye-catching ads or compelling blog posts, make sure your assets are on point.
  • Launch and learn: Pop the confetti cannons—it's showtime! Remember to keep a close eye on your campaigns, tweak as needed, and watch those results roll in.

Tip: Don't jump too soon. In product launches, timing and patience are everything. Ideation, testing, and collaboration with different teams can seem like a hassle, but they're all part of the journey.

🚀 Best practices for launch advertising

Now, onto the fun part—getting the word out about your new product. Here are some tips for making your product launch campaign shine:

  • Boost your product's discoverability with targeted ads and strategic placements.
  • Spread awareness and educate your audience about what makes your product different.
  • Get creative with product targeting to reach those high-purchase-intent shoppers. Don't limit yourself to traditional shopping results.
  • Keep those potential customers on the hook by delivering well-timed reminders through your remarketing efforts.
  • Think outside the box and let your product shine with killer ad creatives.

Launch to success

To put it simply, launching a product is more than just putting it out there and hoping for the best. It takes careful planning, creative thinking, and with platforms like Amazon Ads at your fingertips, there's no limit to what you can achieve.


Did you know TikTok has an average CPC of just $0.51?

Did you know TikTok has an average CPC of just $0.51?

TikTok is helping Amazon sellers gain a high ROI by partnering with content creators to promote their products.

Authentic UGC videos resonate with Gen Z and Millenials while fitting seamlessly with TikTok's native display.

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What we love about Insense is that you can:

✔️ No manual outreach; creators that match your requirements apply directly to your campaigns in minutes.

✔️ You can start collaborations immediately and get UGC within 10 days.

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9 pre-launch marketing tactics to drive buzz

9 pre-launch marketing tactics to drive buzz

Let's debunk a myth right off the bat: having a great product won't magically draw in eager customers. Nope, it takes a bit more finesse than that. In fact, businesses struggle because they overlook the importance of building up excitement before the big reveal. This is where pre-launch marketing comes into play.

📌 Shopify listed 9 proven pre-launch marketing strategies you can consider, such as:

  1. Start early. Build those relationships with potential customers months before your launch date. Whether it's through email marketing or social media, get people excited about what's coming.
  2. Release teasers. Drop intriguing hints about your product to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
  3. Run a contest. Hosting a giveaway is a surefire way to generate buzz and attract a crowd.
  4. Build hype through influencers. Find the right influencers that can give your launch the boost it needs to reach new heights.
  5. Create a press kit. Make life easy for journalists by giving them all the juicy details they need to write about your product.
  6. Throw a launch party. There's nothing quite like the energy of a room full of excited supporters. Gather your tribe, show them what you've got, and watch the magic happen. 🪩
  7. Use Amazon Live. Hop on the streaming bandwagon and give potential customers a firsthand look at your product in action.
  8. Run audio ads. Reach customers where they least expect it—like during their morning commute. These ads offer an opportunity to connect with your audience in a personal way.
  9. Connect with niche communities. Niche communities are a goldmine for passionate supporters who can help spread the word far and wide.

Bonus strategy: For a smooth launch, consider offering samples, providing incentives for early adopters, gathering feedback, monitoring sales, and extensively testing everything. Remember, the key is to get people talking long before your product hits the shelves.


I just launched my product—how do I know it’s successful?

I just launched my product—how do I know it’s successful?

Now that you already know what to do before you release your newest product, it's time to prepare for the actual launch. One of the most important questions in preparing for your product launch is how to measure its success.

📊 A LinkedIn post outlined a step-by-step guide to evaluating the success of your newest product. Here's how:

1. Monitor your metrics

Ah, the bittersweet taste of numbers! Keep an eye on sales metrics, review metrics, search rank, customer service metrics, and advertising metrics. These numbers not only measure progress but also point out areas for improvement.

2. Hear the chatter

Metrics paint a picture, but feedback adds color and depth. Dive into the sea of opinions from customers, stakeholders, and team members. Surveys, interviews, and social media chatter are your treasure trove of insights. Listen closely—it's where you'll find pearls of wisdom.

3. Reflect and refine

The journey doesn't end with the launch, it's just the beginning. Take stock of your metrics and feedback, compare them with goals, and identify gaps. Reflect on what went well and where you stumbled.

Then, roll up your sleeves and make those necessary tweaks. Remember, continuous improvement is the name of the game.

💭 So, how do you define success?

Measuring the success of your new product launch doesn't have to be rocket science. By following the steps above, you set the tone for what success means for your product. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and continue innovating. Your success story is waiting to unfold.

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