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SellerBites’ 24 in 2024: Part 3

For the third part of our 24 in 2024, you’ll meet some of the most innovative AND supportive Amazon experts. Aside from selling hacks and solutions, you’ll surely pick up some valuable insights from their colorful Amazon journeys. 🎨


The brain behind Tall Oak Advisors

The brain behind Tall Oak Advisors

From selling stuff out of his garage, Chris Potter slowly but steadily rocked the business world through his brainchild, Tall Oak Advisors.

🛣️ His journey started in 2005 when he caught an eye-opening segment on CNBC. Inspired, Chris quickly became adept in various ecommerce strategies, from retail arbitrage to private label.

Chris's knack for entrepreneurship paid off big time, especially with his flagship venture raking in a staggering eight figures in sales. Craving a fresh challenge, he then pivoted from ecommerce to tax and bookkeeping services in 2020. 

🟢 Why follow Chris: His journey embodies the spirit of relentless determination, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change—qualities essential in navigating the unpredictable ecommerce scene.


Boost your lifetime value by growing your email list

Boost your lifetime value by growing your email list

Getting a customer to buy from you is great! But you know what's even better than making one sale? Making multiple sales over an extended period from one customer.

This is what you call the lifetime value (LTV). It's the estimate of the average revenue a customer will generate throughout their lifespan as your customer.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

See how Jon Derkits uses LandingCube to increase his customers' lifetime value.

You can use LandingCube to:

  • Build your email list with their one-click Amazon listing landing page generator
  • Run targeted promotions
  • Easily capture leads from off-Amazon sources with API-enabled email opt-in
  • Retarget your audience by including other popular social media sites such as TikTok, Facebook, and Google Pixels

Create a sales funnel that only the top 1% of sellers use and watch your sales skyrocket!

Sign up for a 21-day trial today and increase your business's customer LTV.

Sign me up for a 21-day trial!


The mastermind behind BrandRocket

The mastermind behind BrandRocket

Corey Ganim is the mastermind behind BrandRocket. He’s an expert in helping tool and automotive brands make at least $40,000 monthly revenue on Amazon. 💰

🟢 Why listen to Corey: He’s your go-to guy for game-changing insights, tips, and tricks to thrive in the world’s largest marketplace. Corey knows Amazon inside out and has helped brands reclaim control over their listings and boost their sales.


The expert behind SellerAmp SAS

The expert behind SellerAmp SAS

Meet Miles Longstreth, the expert behind Flips4Miles and co-founder of SellerAmp. He began selling on Amazon in 2019 and fully embraced online arbitrage in 2021. He knows how to efficiently delegate routine tasks so he can focus on growing his business without being slowed down by daily work. 💨

🟢 Why copy Miles’ style: He made $4 million through online arbitrage in just 2 years! You could learn a thing or two from his journey to navigate the world of online arbitrage and unlock your business’s full potential.


The genius behind Amplore

The genius behind Amplore

Cajua Robinson is the genius behind Amplore. He partners with small and medium-sized brands to help them efficiently manage their listings and boost their sales and visibility. 📈

🟢 Why adopt Cajua’s practices: While Amazon remains a core focus, he plans to explore other platforms, too, like Walmart.com. So, whether you're a small startup or a medium-sized brand that aspires to expand to different platforms, he can help you keep up with the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.


The cultivator of Amazon business yields

The cultivator of Amazon business yields

Fields of Profit, led by Warner Fields, aims to help people make big money with minimal effort through Amazon FBA. He has over 300,000 followers across all platforms. 🧑‍🌾

🟢 Why choose Fields of Profit as a business guru: Learn how to kickstart your own Amazon businesses—for free! With a large online community and an arsenal of free resources, sourcing tips, and more, Fields of Profit is a perfect coach to help you master the ins and outs of selling on Amazon.


A veteran seller with 7-figure revenue

A veteran seller with 7-figure revenue

Oscar Martinez is a full-time Amazon seller with 4 years of experience and a 7-figure revenue. He became a YouTube content creator to provide as much free, valuable Amazon content as possible. 📹

🟢 Why watch Oscar’s content: Get your dose of weekly Amazon videos aimed to help you be a better seller. You can also get insights into his business model as he posts regular updates of his ongoing Amazon journey.

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