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Need an FBA sales boost? Facebook Ads are the way to go!

If you’re looking to skyrocket your reach, understanding the intricacies of advertising outside Amazon is your best chance at success. Let’s not go far—we’re talking about Meta advertising! 📲

Join us today as we unravel the secrets to effectively navigating the Meta universe. Be a better seller who knows not just how to sell but also craft ads that captivate, convert, and conquer!


Holiday season or not, the competition on Amazon is always burning up. While the retailer has a rich arsenal of tools for driving traffic and sales, you have to explore external creative means if you really want to stand out.

Influencer Marketing Hub recommends a proven and tested channel—Facebook Ads.

Here's why exploring this advertising avenue could be the best way to grow your brand:

💬 So, why Facebook Ads?

For starters, it's always good for business to broaden your horizons. Also, 40% of shoppers search for products on social media, with 30% using Facebook to shop.

If you're not convinced yet, here are other reasons why it's worth your investment:

  • Massive user base. With 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is your ticket to reach a diverse audience. It also comes with a variety of advertising tools at your disposal.
  • Precise targeting. Facebook Ads are like snipers that can hit the bullseye when targeting audiences. Thanks to Meta's extensive user data, you can even go for high-value customers.
  • High ROI and exposure. Facebook is a customer goldmine, with 1.84 billion users to expose your ads daily. Even small businesses—200 million of them—are already reaping the benefits.
  • Tailored ads. Facebook recognizes that each marketer has different needs. It gives you the power to tailor your approach so you can connect with your audience more effectively.

How to drive traffic using Facebook Ads

There are 2 ways to add them to your marketing mix:

  • Drive traffic to Amazon, particularly cold traffic, or shoppers who scroll but aren't ready to buy. In this case, you should use informative ads first to familiarize potential customers with your brand. Once traffic becomes hot, you can retarget them using engagement ads. 🎯
  • Drive traffic to your landing page. This method allows you to collect customer details, filter out tire kickers, and secure purchases with enticing offers, such as discount offers or codes for checkout.

But before you dive in …

Make sure using Facebook Ads aligns with your business goals.
Sure, it's a game-changing marketing strategy. But you should also ask yourself: Is it enough to create a lasting impact on your buyers' mindset? Or should you find other ways to further optimize your marketing strategy? 🔍


Why micro-influencers are the best at converting viewers into customers

Millions of sellers compete on Amazon every day. If you don’t find a way to stand out, you may get eaten by your rivals.

Good thing Stack Influence can significantly boost your brand awareness without breaking the bank. How, you ask?

Through micro-influencers!

🤏 Smaller is better

Micro-influencers are people who have a following of 1,000 to 100,000. A relatively small number, yes, but don’t get fooled! Every follower micro-influencers have can be converted into customers with high purchase intent.

Here are other reasons why brands love to work with micro-influencers:

  • Budget-friendly. You don’t have to pay a hefty fee for a high-converting campaign. In fact, Stack Influence allows you to pay influencers with products in exchange for authentic testimonials!
  • Lasting content. Unlike mega-influencers, micro-influencers are not swamped with collaborations. That means they invest more time in crafting passionate and personalized campaigns.
  • High engagement rates. Because micro-influencers are relatable, working with them can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Ready to gamble?

You better be!

Don’t want to miss out on this game-changing strategy. Sign up with Stack Influence today! ✍️



Where should you place your ads, Facebook or Instagram?

Now, about those other marketing strategies... let's not go far. There's another effective and well-known channel you can use to broaden your reach—Instagram.

Despite being shaped by the same company (Meta) to dominate the advertising world, Instagram and Facebook differ in various aspects. WordStream put together a side-by-side comparison of the two to help you decide where to focus your efforts.

✔️ Criteria for judging


  • Facebook: Of its 2.9 billion monthly visitors, around 50% are 25–44 years old, and almost 30% are men.
  • Instagram: IG has 2 billion monthly users. Around 60% are 18–34 years old, with women slightly outnumbering the guys in this age group.


  • Facebook: Last year, people spent an average of 19.7 hours monthly on the platform. The top 5 engagements are Reactions, Comments, Shares, Link clicks, and Time spent on the page. FYI, photo posts (0.12%) and status posts (0.11%) get the most action.
  • Instagram: On average, people spend roughly 11.7 hours monthly here. The top 5 engagements are Likes, Comments, Saves, Profile visits, and Time spent on the page. If you want to snatch high engagement rates, go for carousel (0.62%) and video posts (0.61%).


  • Facebook: 71% of users come here to connect with friends and family. So, keep it casual when running ads instead of going all sales-y.
  • Instagram: 62% of users are scoping out brands on Instagram now. Make sure your ads showcase product reviews and customer testimonials.

Advertising options

  • Facebook: Image ads, Video ads, Carousel, Instant Experience, Collection, Facebook Lead ads, Slideshow, and Facebook Messenger ads
  • Instagram: Image ads, Instagram Story ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads, Explore ads, Instagram Shopping ads, and Reels ads

🫵 Where should you place your ads?

Social media advertising is like a seesaw—one platform might be on top today, the other one tomorrow. If you can't decide yet, try both to see which is better for your brand.

But if resources are not an issue, why choose a side? With most folks juggling five social media platforms, it may be time you try multitasking to accelerate your marketing success.


6 steps to set up your Facebook ads for Amazon FBA

Whether you're ready to jump on the Facebook Ads wagon or still contemplating the leap, knowing how to set up your ads early is always handy. So, here's a simple 6-step guide from Influencer Marketing Hub to make your life easy:

1. Set up your business page

Before you can showcase your ads, build the basics first. Create your brand's virtual home—a Facebook Business Page. This is where you share your story, highlight your products, and add that unique brand charm. ✨

2. Create your ads

After setting up and personalizing your business page, you can now make your ads. It's simple: on the left side of your business page, choose Ad Center and then click Create Ad.

3. List your objectives

Facebook provides 3 main marketing objectives: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Your choice is crucial as it guides you and Facebook in optimizing your ads for the right audience.

Pro tip: If you don't have a final to-achieve list yet, try out different objectives to discover what matches your business goals.

4. Target your audience

The first rule of advertising club: select a target audience. Get into the details of your ideal customers, including age, gender, language, and buying preferences.

You can also pick specific interests in the Ads Manager's Detailed Targeting section. Don't forget to include ""

5. Set your budget and ad schedule

To avoid overspending, customize the ad budget based on your goals. Then, to maximize your reach within the budget, select an optimal time for publishing your ads. You can tick the "End" box to set an end time.

6. Establish your creative zone

Facebook has an Ad Creative section where you can unleash your creativity. Here, you can design ad visuals to go with compelling copy to surely grab audiences' attention. Just make sure you double-check everything to catch typos or other issues.

And there's your blueprint for mastering the Facebook Ads game! But if you have other tips and suggestions, feel free to share them by replying to this email! 📩

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