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Steer away from these 3 scams for a safe, profitable Prime Day

By SellerBites
July 15, 2024

Happy Monday.

Remember our pop quiz last Friday? The answer to our question is drum roll 37.6%! And we’re one day away from finding out if the retail giant can surpass itself this year on Prime Day.

We know you’re all excited, so without further ado, here are some last-minute reminders and exciting news for the calm before the ecommerce storm tomorrow.



Amazon Prime Day is like a treasure hunt, with lots of chances to make big sales. But just like any treasure hunt, there are also pirates—scammers trying to trick you and your customers.

🚨 World Online listed the scams to watch out for and warn your customers about this coming Prime Day:

  • Counterfeit products: Scammers pose as legitimate sellers and offer fake goods.
    • Tip: Watch out for products with unusually low prices as these could be knock-offs.
  • Fake reviews: Cybercriminals use AI tools to generate fake reviews.
  • Phishing and smishing: Scammers send fake emails or texts pretending to be Amazon and then ask for personal information or direct you to fake websites.
    • Tip: Always verify the URL and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

How do you combat these scams?

  • Monitor your reviews: Keep an eye on your product reviews for suspicious activity. If you notice fake reviews, report them to Amazon immediately. 📁
  • Verify your listings: Make sure all your products are accurately listed and priced. Double-check your inventory for authenticity to avoid counterfeit issues.
  • Communicate clearly: Let your customers know the best ways to contact you and remind them to use the official Amazon site or app for purchases.
  • Protect your brand: Register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry to help protect against counterfeiters and ensure your customers are getting authentic products.
  • Stay informed: Keep up with Amazon's latest guidelines and safety tips to protect your business from scams.

🔒 Go for a scam-free Prime Day

Prime Day isn't just a chance to boost your sales; it's also a chance to strengthen your brand's reputation. So, stay alert against these scams to make sure your customers have a great AND secure shopping experience.


How to polish your marketing copy to enhance brand awareness (for a long time)

You probably have a lot of products to sell and even more things to do. But what if in your busyness, you’re missing out on marketing your products?

These situations might be familiar to you:

  • You have dozens (or hundreds) of products to offer and sell;
  • You have to prepare the content (posts, images, blogs, etc) and schedule them;
  • Doing all this takes a lot in terms of time, money, and/or people–resources that you may not have at the moment; and
  • You’re probably still not using AI tools.

We have a solution for you!

STORI AI does it all so you don’t have to do it yourself. Within minutes you can:

✅ Create a brand (for consistent communication style and tone)

✅ Generate and edit content (images, text, etc)

✅ Automatically convert product shots into posters

✅ Publish and schedule it on (almost) every social channel

Of course, it’s better to experience all of this yourself. So, try STORI for FREE by clicking on the link below. 👇

Elevate my brand’s communication



ICYMI: Amazon’s new ad solution for non-Amazon sellers

Let’s take a break on Prime Day news and explore some happenings outside the Amazon ecosystem. Did you know Amazon has extended its ad offerings to non-Amazon sellers?

In a report by Search Engine Land, the ecommerce giant rolled out a new beta feature offering lead generation capabilities for businesses not selling on the platform. Here’s what you should know about the feature. 

🆕 How it works

The new Sponsored Display ad type is perfect if you want to tap into Amazon’s ecosystem without being forced to sell on its marketplace. And if you’re already selling on Amazon, it’s an opportunity to get your Amazon shoppers to subscribe to your website or newsletters.

  • Ads are displayed across Amazon’s properties and third-party sites including:
    • Amazon homepage
    • Product detail pages
    • Owned sites like Twitch and IMDb
    • Third-party destinations
  • Ad placements are automatically optimized based on targeting settings and goals.
  • Customers can engage (sign up) without being diverted to lead gen pages.

✍️ Where to apply

First, you need an Amazon Ads account to access the Amazon Ads console. Then, if you’re determined to try out the feature, you can contact an Amazon Ads Product Development Manager (PDM) for details.

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